Insider Drops New Details Surrounding Democrats Nasty Plans for Power

National Republican Senatorial Committee chair Sen. Steve Daines told Brietbart he sees that the Democrats desperate for power will do anything to keep it if they hold the majority. Daines said the two parties are on opposite poles ideologically. The margins are close in the chamber now. Since this interview, Kamala Harris has broken more Senate vote ties than any vice president in history.


The Republican says it’s too close

Democrats need their power.

“The margins really have never been narrower numerically. We were at a 50-50 Senate last Congress. We’re at 49-51 this Congress. But the ideological divide between Republicans and Democrats has just never been larger. Kamala Harris has broken more ties as vice president than any vice president in our nation’s history. We’ve had 47 vice presidents, she’s number one.”

She helped inflation get worse.

“She’s broken some major, consequential-type ties, where for example the $1.9 trillion stimulus package borrowing all this money, washing into the economy borrowed money. That was inflationary. You look at the Inflation Reduction Act, that was an incredibly terrible piece of legislation passed on a tie-breaking vote by Kamala Harris. So, you take a look at what’s up right now in the Senate.”

The Republican sat for an hour for this exclusive. The stakes are massive and they’re looking for GOP members who can unite the team.

Trump plays a role

The American public loves him. Daines explained, “We’ve got to find candidates working with President Trump that can win not only primary elections but general elections. Look, winners make policy. Losers go home.”

If Republicans aren’t the majority in the Senate, the Democrats will zap the filibuster that currently requires 60 votes to pass legislation. This drops the total requisite vote to 51 so their agenda can be rammed through.

Among the things included in that agenda is packing the Supreme Court to 13 justices instead of nine, making both Washington, DC and Puerto Rico new states to add four more Democrat seats to the Senate, and instituting a federal takeover of all elections. The consequences are huge.

The Republican sees the control

Democrats will make sure they never lose power again.

“The consequences of losing right now are profound because, if we don’t take back the majority and the Democrats are in charge, they will blow up the filibuster. That means D.C. and Puerto Rico are now states. That means four Democrat senators in perpetuity. They will also move the Supreme Court from nine to thirteen Justices. They will pack the court. And last, they will pass one of their favorite bills — the left — and that’s the federal takeover of all the elections. Our Founding Fathers feared concentration of power. That’s one of the things about the separation of powers both in terms of the three branches of government but also the separation of powers between the federal government and the states, the principles of federalism. This bill would remove any voter ID laws that states have passed. It would be all mail-in ballots. They would have cutoffs on Tuesday night on election night at maybe 8 p.m. and have a long tail of maybe two weeks to get all the ballots in.”

There would be a complete loss of the balance of power. Daines explained, “You can see, we lose complete control of elections, and the left does irreparable harm to this country with a power grab that would make it very difficult to ever get a center-right government elected in Washington again.”

Only one thing has stopped it. Two Democrats left the party, not wanting to do this.

Those two Democrats, Sens. Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona and Joe Manchin of West Virginia, aren’t running for reelection. They left the party but still caucus with them. Daines said if you don’t believe me, just go read what Adam Schiff has written.

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