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Joe Biden Withdrawal… Speech LEAKED

Joe Biden has been facing serious pressure to withdraw from the presidential race.

Democrats who are in battleground elections are all starting to pressure Biden to step down.

Biden is facing calls from mainstream media outlets as well, many of which covered for Biden instead of covering Biden.

Time to Go

This all got started because of Biden being exposed during the presidential debate.

It was funny watching all these media outlets act as though they were surprised by Biden’s performance that night.

This did not shock any conservatives, but that was because we never believed the narrative of “cheap fakes” that the White House and mainstream media were pushing.

Of the outlets among the guiltiest was the Washington Post, which has now tried to help Biden by publishing a withdrawal speech for him to save face.

In part, it stated, “They knew, too, that relying on a single individual, a king, might create the illusion of strength but would be at its core fragile.

“Over the past few days, I have been reflecting on all this.

“My season of service is nearing its close. This was a hard truth to face.

“But it is the natural course of things — as evident as the progression from spring to summer, from fall to winter.

“This is why I have decided to withdraw from the campaign for president of the United States.”

It continues, “The Democratic National Committee, senior Democratic leaders and I have agreed on an orderly process to select our next nominee, which will include debates between now and our convention in August.

“My vice president, Kamala Harris, has graciously and courageously agreed to participate.

“Though Democratic primary voters cannot be included at this late date, their delegates will make the final choice.”

It concludes, “Americans, I invite you to search your soul as I have.

“Are we so unsure of ourselves that we will empower a would-be king, one who has been given expansive powers by an activist Supreme Court?

“Or will we look back on Washington’s example, in the spring of American life, and recognize that our independence is built on service, sacrifice, a willingness to assume the best in one another and the belief there will be better seasons to come?”

But do not let the media forget the fact that they were part of this coverup that led to Democrats being in a position where they have an elected candidate who may not only have to step down from the election but also from office.

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