MASSIVE Law Overhaul Promised to the American People

Lee Zeldin (R-NY) will declare a state of emergency in New York on his first day in office to combat crime. The criminals have taken over the streets with Democrat policies in place. Unelected governor Kathy Hochul supports cashless bail and has expressed her softness toward criminals as “justice-involved individuals”. Zeldin was attacked at a campaign event this summer. The criminal was out within 24 hours.

Zeldin spoke with Maria Bartiromo

He’s going to turn a lot of laws around. Decent, law abiding citizens need to be able to walk the streets without fear.

“I want to do everything I possibly can in the first 100 minutes. I mean, I want to have a very active day one. I just announced a couple days ago that as soon as I am sworn into office, I’m going to be declaring a crime emergency here in the state of New York. I’m going to suspend New York’s cashless bail laws and some other pro-criminal laws that have been passed, force the legislature to come to the table to negotiate an improvement because we have to take back our streets. We need law abiding New Yorkers back in control of New York streets instead of criminals.”


Zeldin will remove the Manhattan District Attorney

“I’ve previously announced that my first action, my first day that I’m in office, is telling them the Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg that he’s being removed for his refusal to enforce the law. But it doesn’t stop there. We need to support our men and women in law enforcement, we need to make sure whether it’s cashless bail, less is more, raise the age, hall tax, some of these other names of laws that have passed, which don’t get as much attention are resulting in people getting hurt, law abiding New Yorkers getting hurt.”

If you don’t do the job you’re elected to do, you need to find another job. The police need assistance from a district attorney that supports them.

The crime Zeldin will attack

During the interview, Bartiromo put up a graphic noting the skyrocketing crime statistics this year. It’s up 34.4% in the city.  Since 2020 those rates have been as high as 50%.

Earlier this month two teenagers were attacked outside his home. A drive by shooting occurred as Zeldin’s two teenage daughters were inside studying.

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