They Just Arrested One of the Culprits…Liberals Flip OUT

One of the culprits behind the violence on the streets of Phoenix, Arizona, on October 9, was arrested fleeing the scene of the crime. Now liberals are totally flipping out that the city won’t let him out on bail to riot some more. They’re afraid it will send a chilling message to others not to riot.

Arrested for the third time

Americans are being conditioned by the liberal network media to see everything in Black and White. It has reached the point where Black and White Americans look at exactly the same set of circumstances and see two dramatically different scenes. The incarceration of Lee Percy Christian the third is a prime example. When Percy was arrested for the third time, but not released as expected, liberals came unglued.

Percy’s parent’s flew to Phoenix, Arizona, from their home in Ohio, just to tell the public how great a guy their son is. He’s so great that he keeps getting arrested for being smack in the middle of violent riots. They joined several George Soros funded action groups in front of City Hall on Wednesday demanding the release of their son, jailed without bond after rioting repeatedly. As Percy’s father, Pastor Lee Christian Jr. declared, “don’t tell me to sing a song about America the Beautiful when America is not beautiful for me. Don’t tell me to sing a song about how this land is our land, when you won’t let me have a part of the land.”

Conservatives are on the side of the police and standing up to pat them on the back for enforcing law and order by locking Percy Christian III away from the public for their safety after they arrested him yet again, as they’re supposed to. The progressive agenda hasn’t been very effective in Phoenix because the police won’t simply stand back and let them riot they way they do in liberal cities. Wealth sharing socialists in the Black community wonder how they’re supposed to get a pair of Jordans if they can’t go on a good old fashioned looting spree.

Drop the charges

Antifa may not be “organized” but BLM is. Black Lives Matter Phoenix Metro teamed up with Poder in Action and Mass Liberation AZ to demand that Maricopa County Attorney Allister Adel simply drop the charges Percy Christian was arrested on or at the very least, “make him eligible for bail.” To heavily conditioned progressives, “Percy’s story is nothing less than political persecution. He sits in jail for exercising his First Amendment right.” Jamaar Williams of BLM Metro Phoenix is mistaken. He sits in jail for “criminal activity” during the riot on October 3, specifically, “rioting, unlawful assembly, blocking a public road, and hindering the arrest of another protester.” During the course of the evening, “The actions of the demonstrators caused officers to divert traffic in downtown Phoenix for several hours,” Sergeant Mercedes Fortune relates.

The police had good reasons to arrest him in October because Christian “recklessly used force to hinder the apprehension of an individual who was being arrested.” Not only that, “there was probable cause to arrest him from criminal activity from the August 9th demonstration.” For that peaceful protest, he’s “facing a felony charge of rioting.” that’s on top of “felony charges of aggravated assault and resisting arrest on July 18.” Liberals insist he be allowed back out on the streets so he can riot some more.

Christian isn’t being singled out for persecution and held in jail after he was arrested simply because of his beliefs, as Jennifer Liewer with the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office explained. “If someone is charged with a felony while on release for another felony charge, they are not entitled to bond without hearing, and the decision to offer bail is up to the court.” The judge said no way, Percy can rot in jail until his trial.

  1. The dad should be singing about how ugly his son is for breaking gods laws . but instead he crys about how special and above the law he and his son are . He forgets the same god he sings to on Sunday is the same god that looks down on him and his son because of their corrupt ways . Dad you have no right to wear the white collar any more . your a racists man and shame the name of God by your dirty deeds . See how you fair in hell

  2. I say beat him until he can’t walk and then place him out in tent camp where he can try to start his shit there If he try’s it he will not like the repercussions coming his way He is a punk just look at him His parents love him because he is a mother fucker only a mother could love He is a self centered smart mouthed failure and he wants the system to suffer for his failures He is a low life form of vermin that only cares about itself He is not a man He is vermin I don’t give a fuck what his parents are lying and saying Look at his track record and see what a nice boy he is I am not talking about the 3 arrests I am talking about a life long fuck up and failure and people have been bailing him out all of his life You say you are a man punk So now you get to see what it is like punk

  3. Why hasn’t the federal government gone after George Soros, or the other ‘minions’ that he is funding. This needs to end, and those funding BLM and Antifa need their assets frozen, and then prosecute the criminals they are. It’s no wonder things are spinning out of control. The DOJ and FBI need to be finding these people supporting and funding these riots. BLM and Antifa both need to be identified as home grown terrorists. They are anarchists. American Airlines now allows their employees to wear the BLM pins on their uniforms. I call that everyone begin to boycott any of the airlines that are allowing their companies to be used as political tools of the left.

  4. yes, start charging them with felony counts for rioting, looting, starting fires, and murder…this has gone on long enough and I for one, am getting sick and tired of this crap

  5. Insane that this repeat offender should get any leniency. Glad someone is standing up to the “woke” mob.

  6. Punishing someone for committing a crime-what a novel idea. The newest interpretation of our laws demands a criminal a second chance…but, I never though that that meant they could be released after committing a crime to see if they could repeat the crime without being caught. In this case, the criminal’s father (Pastor Lee Christian, Jr) seems to be a big part of the problem-a man of God who thinks that destruction of other’s property, burning, looting and beating the hell out of people you have never seen before is acceptable behavior. It seems as though in his heart lurks a level of hatred normally only seen in psychopaths.

  7. Parents sound like real winners the father is a LIAR not a member of any REAL Church or he would not support Criminal actions by anyone. What should happen is this THUG is a long prison sentence and making him repay every penny for the damage the rioters caused. The parents should fork over some of the money Soros is paying these rioters and them to his parents to pay their damage charges. It is really PATHETIC that Soros has to pay people to riot as well as to loot.

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