George and Simona Papadopoulos ‘We Are Scared for Our Lives,’ Deep State Confrontation Gets REAL

A “very bizarre” physical confrontation happened Friday at the home of George Papadopoulos, that left him and his wife Simona “scared for their lives.” Things don’t get much “spookier,” in a covert intelligence kind of way, than this. After they called the police to report a strange “Australian man” who tried to con his way inside their home, they both posted about the incident on Twitter. “Deep state is feeling the heat!”

Confrontation with a Deep State con-man

George Papadopoulos went straight to twitter in order to make the public aware of his wife’s confrontation with the Deep State. “An Australian man, likely an agent, just walked up to my wife trying to barge into my home to ‘see George,'” he tapped out. The man showed her his cell phone as he was allegedly texting George at the same time. The number showing for George is “a fake number with one digit off of mine,” Papadopoulos notes. “I have been vocal about Australia’s involvement in spygate. The police are involved.”

Simona added on the same media platform, “Scary. I took a screenshot of the false conversation he was showing me to get me to give me access to the house. The number was a set up number.” In other words a working cell phone was using a bogus number. That proves that it wasn’t just some random nut case. It had to be someone with friends who have specialized technological skills back at the office.

As the agent of evil darkness tried to bully his way in, George was listening to the confrontation from inside the home. At the same time that “this Australian agent was speaking to my wife ‘and texting me’ showing her that it was ‘me’ whom he was speaking to, I was texting her to call the police.” Quick thinking Simona snapped a pic of the agent’s phone for evidence.

The encounter was ‘really scary’

Later, Simona told reporters, “What happened today was really scary. I was heading out from our home this morning and I found right in front of the door of my house this man with an Australian accent.” He seems to have been lurking on the doorstep just waiting for her to come out.

“He pretended to have an appointment with George at our home. I was not aware of any appointment. He said he was talking to my husband right now.” She knew that wasn’t likely, so asked how the man got his private number. When he replied “Craig’s List,” the red flags turned into alarm bells. “George is not on Craig’s List.” Then, “he said an agency gave me his number. I’ve been talking to him the last couple of days. I’m talking to him right now.” That’s when the text came in from George saying “call the police” rather than give in to the confrontation.

He didn’t want to take no for an answer when she told him George wasn’t there. “I’m talking to your husband right now. If he is not here can you show me around the house?” And maybe kill a couple people? “Then he showed me a text.” When they later tried to call the number, “it’s disconnected, It doesn’t exist. So what this person was trying to do was to get into my home.”

The police said they are on their own. “No crime was committed.” That doesn’t reassure Simona any. “What a bizarre incident. Actually we are scared for our lives.” And she thought it was bad when the FBI wanted her to wear a wire to entrap her husband.

  1. America did not know how close we were to losing our nation to left wing fascists until
    Trump rocked the boat. Four more years of Republicans controlling the House and the Senate and we will know the whole story.

  2. If it was me I would invest in a couple of weapons and get some training if they don’t know how to use a gun!!

    If a stranger did that to me I would hold him and call the police to come and check him out!!

    Hmmm, I wonder if they have had any relationship with the “CLINTON CARTEL”? I so they need to be aware of their surroundings constantly and be prepared for their “SUICIDE” by the “HILDA BEAST” or her killer for hire!!

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