Bill Maher Just Said THIS About Trump Running In 2024…

According to Bill Maher former President Donald Trump can win the 2024 presidential election, but only if he is willing to “let go” of 2020.

During a recent episode of his show, Maher stated that Trump would easily be able to destroy Democrats, so long as he stops being hyper-focused on the corrupted 2020 election.

“I just thought, you know, if Trump could just let go of the election, which he can’t, he can win this so easy because he can win just on Drag Qpride ueen Story Hour…Again, if he could just let go of the election, but at this point, you know, he’s just like a hotel room that smells at some point you just want a new room, you know what I mean?” Maher said.

Maher continued to connect the issue to “Drag Queen Story Hour”, parents are concerned about protecting their children and the reasonable outcry over the fact that kids were taken to a drag show.

The recent “Drag the kids to pride” event was described as “horrifying” and indicative of “a disturbing trend in which perverted adults are obsessed with sexualizing young children.”

And the majority of logical observers are likely to agree with Maher’s conclusion that right-leaning politicians benefit more from America’s increasingly irrational behavior that comes from having a Democrat in the office.

It’s obvious that there was election fraud present during the 2020 election, however the mainstream media has made attempts “to suppress any information that raises questions about the validity of the 2020 election”.  

Maher is right on this point that looking ahead rather than backward is the best thing we can do right now. Americans must acknowledge the issues and address them, not pretend that the 2020 election was fair.

Watch it here: Youtube/ TheDC Shorts

Sources: Dailycaller, TMZ, Foxnews, Bizpacreview


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