AG Barr is Getting REALLY Sick and Tired of Adam’s Schitt…Makes it VERY Clear

William Barr is sick and tired of Adam Schiff’s crap and the way the media loves to spread it around like fertilizer for their anti-Trump arguments. The Attorney General finds it “infuriating” when he turns on his TV and sees the media misleading America “with exaggerated claims and misinformation.” He wants the talking heads on a plate, or as he puts it, “held accountable.”

Barr is fed up with the crap

The Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, is acting like a total moron and it’s “infuriating” Attorney General William Barr. New World Order puppet Adam Schiff keeps insisting there was collusion between the 2016 Trump campaign and Russia despite the “complete collapse” of the “Russiagate” scandal.

Schiff keeps acting like he’s hallucinating. He sees collusion evidence everywhere. “There’s plenty of evidence of collusion or conspiracy in plain sight,” he swears, “ample evidence.” Too bad he’s the only one who can see it, like Jimmy Stuart’s “Harvey.”

The media is in on it too. All along, the media has been pushing “false claims of Trump-Russia coordination” like they were heroin. Barr isn’t going to put up with it any longer.

The next false scandal

“It’s been stunning that all we have gotten from the mainstream media is sort of bovine silence in the face of the complete collapse of the so-called Russiagate scandal, which they did all they could to sensationalize and drive,” Barr exclaimed. “And it’s, like, not even a ‘whoops.’ They’re just onto the next false scandal.”

The outgoing acting director of national intelligence, Richard Grenell, made progressive heads explode when he declassified “long-sought-after documents related to investigations into Russian election interference.” Adam Schiff was directly caught in the hail of bullets revealed by the inner workings of Crossfire Hurricane. Schiff was forced to release “dozens of witness transcripts from the panel’s own investigation,” Barr notes.

They showed, “Barack Obama’s spy chief and other top national security and law enforcement officials from his administration testified they did not see direct evidence of Trump-Russia collusion.” There was nothing there, but they went forward anyway with their plot to overthrow President Donald Trump.

None of Obama’s minions were able to prove the Russia connection. Susan Rice, Ben Rhodes, Loretta Lynch, Sally Yates, and Samantha Power all admitted under oath they didn’t have a thing. That didn’t stop Robert Mueller’s grand inquisition from finding tracks of collusion after torturing a few witnesses. They never found any real evidence of collusion though. According to AG Barr, John Durham is still doing a probe of his own and results should be in by the end of the summer.

  1. To all locusts swarming around the country looking for statues to destroy. Here’s my statement; if you don’t our statues which symbolizes our American culture and history – simply leave America to another part of the world and don’t come back!

    USAF (RET)

    1. Just wait until Donald gets to play his Trump Card, then let’s see who runs for the border, and who goes to prison in the Democratic Party! There are so many investigations into the Democratic Party, that when it does come to light, they’re all going to be pointing fingers at one another, and all hell is going to be braking loose! The big thing is, I’m waiting for the Trump Administration to hand over to the Mexican Government all documents related to Operation Fast and Furious! I wonder where those Democrats are going to run to! Oh what a tangled web we weave when we practice to deceive!

  2. Barr is a jokethe top law man is being questioned for his release of Michael Flynn from prosecution .there was evidence to convict not only him by the other guy bird face.He in my opinion allowing these to people walk.

    1. Well ‘henry’ we all know that your opinion is like certain anatomical parts – we all have one and yours likely stinks. Maybe you should stop looking in the mirror since that is where you get your jokes from.

    2. Where did you go to school or did you? Or are you from another nation and still haven’t learned the proper use of the English language?

    3. You talk about Barr being a joke – after a three year investigation, started based on FAKE documents, failed to show any proof of this ‘collusion’. Meanwhile Flynn was entrapped, it is apparent that the effort was made TO entrap him, and now that it’s all fallen apart you insist there is evidence of his guilt. Who are you really? Adam Schiff?

  3. The Justice Department has blocked all inquires of these people.Just as the Senate blocked all evidence against Trump As long as Republicans control the Senate then the door is open for all to break the law,remember they are in charge.

    1. Wow, mind boggling coming from someone who evidently supports the corrupt swamp which did their best to keep Trump from getting elected, get him tossed out based on fake allegations, and now is getting found out for what they did. As if the Democrats could ever conduct a legitimate investigation of their own – they, the party of fake documents and a lapdog mainstream news media!

    2. you are a nut job boy and heavy on boy you need to go find your BLM kids and you all pack up and get the hell out of the good old USA

    3. Henry, I will write slow so you can read this. The dem controlled House REFUSED to let the republicans AND president Trump, to call their OWN witnesses. If you read the truth you would understand that this is a bogus Congress and ALL they want to do is win AT ANY COST, including lying, cheating deceit and hate speech. Now they interfere with c-19 actions and law enforcement. OH, they now have information that russian elements paid afghan police a bounty for americans killed. It just hits the news and the libertards and dumpocraps IMMEDIATELY accuse TRUMP. You are less than human or you would see this.

  4. Now if Barr was doing his job according to the rules which govern the job then there would be no problem for Barr, which I do think that there will be once he no longer has the President or Congress to protect him from his illegal actions.
    Now explain to me how you can have persons in the FBI who can just do as they please, when every action is controlled by laws and rules approved by Congress for how the intelligence community operates and have had an independent IG watching over the Departments until the Trump administration got rid of those who were not stopping investigations into him or his allies.

    1. “how you can have persons in the FBI who can just do as they please, when every action is controlled by laws” – You’ve missed many recent developments explaining this. They broke the laws. Your thesis would say a carjacker can’t steal a car because it’s against the law, we can’t have voter fraud because it’s against the law (see New Jersey).

  5. Adam Schiff ? Actually the two f’s are t’s but the leftist stench caused them to wilt so it Adam Schitt ! The pencil neck geek is so desperate to be important he does anything Pelosi tells him to do . Would surprise me at all if he runs over to clean her house , go to liquor store , wash her undies …..

    1. Wyatt – have you seen all of the evidence that he has been saying and saying and saying that he has that ‘proves’ the russian collusion? Nope, me neither……………..

    2. Shitty Schiff’s sister is married to one of Soros’s sons.Yes, it’s a correct fact, feel free to google it. I think he is told what to do very directly from the puppet master himself at the Sunday family dinner table. I agree with you, that he wants to feel important.

  6. He is a sociopath whose heart is hardened and Satan got him cold. He needs our prayers to wake him up.

  7. It’s most unfortunate that the only apparent recourse for punishment of an ass hole like Schiff is that he not be reelected. Coming from California it isn’t likely that he will not be elected again later in 2020. In California, the Democrats have so many legal and illegal voters that a Republican has almost no chance of winning (it is effectively a one party state and many times the election of political officers have a Democrat running against another Democrat). So Schiff will just continue to be a congenital liar and a prodigious leaker and will just merrily continue to break every law of legality and of human decency with no consequences.

  8. It’s time to bring back public executions for traitors who work to overthrow a sitting president…it is called insurrection, and needs to be dealt with promptly. There’s been TOO much power given to a few who seek to undermine this great nation, and the only concern of these on the left has is who will then be in ‘control’, to usurp their beliefs onto the American people.

    1. Hear Ye’ Hear Ye’, I’m down with you! Target these individuals for their crimes. Sedition, and there was treason committed by HRC. Let’s get on with it. WE are all ready to get this show up and running. Let’s shock George Soros!

  9. AG Barr could probably shut Schiff up with an arrest or two and the other half of America too. Nothing but foot dragging in the DOJ. Guess that is where the phrase “wheels of justice turn slow” came from.

  10. American’s who love this Nation need to pray everyday till Election Day that Schiff is either defeated because of his WILLFUL IGNORANCE or because of all the INTELLIGENT people fled that State of Extreme LIBERAL IGNORANCE well all such IGNORANCE is EXTREME but they left and hopefully enough in Schitt for brains( well that is all Democraps) district he won’t have a seat come November.

    1. Jesse, Schiff is Soros’ in-law. No matter the outcome in Nov, Schiff’ll win…..unfortunately

  11. It is hard to believe that anyone would vote for these mental midgets who keep repeating the same mistakes over and over thinking they’ll eventually get a different result. Now look at the way liberal democrats have allowed their cities and states be looted and burned and their people attacked and killed because they endorsed terrorist until one of them becomes the victim. Pay attention democratic voters. This is what YOU voted for.

  12. IF Little Adam Sh&t had all that evidence , then why did he not present it for the world to see (rather than hold “secret hearings” where no rebuttal was allowed) or he could of given it to one of his democrat friends in the senate to be disclosed to the members of the senate during the impeachment vote?….Grinnell declassified documents that will prove there was no Russian collusion and those that screamed the loudest will have their chance to testify UNDER OATH and then the real truth will come out….IF they lie the documents will prove it….they will be screwed….IF they tell the truth…they are screwed….cannot wait for the senate hearings….lol

  13. Public tarring and feathering – along with removal from office and forfeiture of all benefits and pension – is the suitable award for Mr. Schiff and those like him, i.e. Strzok, Mueller, Comey, etc. etc. – All of them fakes, frauds, liars and criminals.

  14. I live in Adam’s Schitt District (91011). I can’t believe that any of my neibors can vote for this insane looking creature.


  16. Let’s get the truth out now. Schiff goes to the electric chair followed by scumer, pelousy, cortez and you will see the BS stop completely. Put away Brennan, Strock, Comey and the big bananas, Obama and Biden and this country will take off like a rocket ship

  17. I hope People from all over the U.S., support and help elect Steve Early and dethrone Adam Schiff.
    We in California need to clean House and take back the House. Time for Adam Schiff, Maxine Waters, Eric Swalwell, Nancy Pelosi and a few others to go. Tired of the California Hypocritical elitists who represent the Party of Slavery, KKK, Jim Crow and keep Black Americans, Homeless oppressed on their plantations of San Francisco, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, Chicago, Baltimore, New York.

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