New Poll Reveals MAJOR LOSS For Democrats

About 1,300 Hispanics were surveyed. Over half of them weren’t happy with the direction the Democrats were leading them in. Crime, healthcare and inflation were at the top of the list. WPA Intelligence worked with the Latino advocacy group Bienvenido this month to talk with 1,288 Hispanic voters with an error margin of 3%. People want to know which way the wind would blow on election day.

Democrats working themselves out

Democrats can talk a good talk but some of the people they court will see what’s happened to their wallets and neighborhoods. Conor Maguire is the firm’s principal. “Looking at this pitch, I think it certainly shows that Hispanics are recognizing that there are problems with what is going on right now in the direction of the country,”

WPA used a verified voter list from Pew Research to talk to Hispanics that were more likely to vote Democrat. Trump supporters numbered 38% while 59% voted for Biden.

Democrats lost support

Republicans cut their support almost in half. Hispanics are culturally conservative. They believe strongly in support of children to the point of where they think abortions should be limited to the first 15 weeks of gestation.

Hispanics also believe gender ideology should be left out the classroom. In the last five years, those who have become more conservative outnumber those who lean more liberal 22% to 19%.

Democrats need to find somebody new

Over half, or 56%, believe Biden shouldn’t run again. Hispanics think that crime is risen under Biden by 60% and a huge 74% see him in charge of the terrible economic conditions here.

Giancarlo Sopo is a media strategist for WPA. He said, “They’re just very frustrated with the economy … the impact that they see illegal immigration has in their communities, and they’re very frustrated with the crime levels in their communities. And I think there’s just there’s a disconnect there that I think has to be addressed.”

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