Jesus is Now Under Attack By Race Activists…Call for the Removal of All Statues, Stained Glass, and Murals

With race activists targeting statues, it was only a matter of time. Statues are raised for a number of reasons, among them is a particular person did something in history to advance a particular cause. It might make sense to them to take down any monument, which is being done. But their cause is racism. Or is it? If racism was at the heart there would have been particular statues left alone. Some people in history advanced the cause of the minority.

Race activists don’t want rules

That’s one of the things Jesus stands for and the United States was founded on the Judeo-Christian faith. One of the Ten Commandments is the super simple Love Thy Neighbor. Be kind to the person next to you.

But if you’re tearing down things that stand for something, especially for something good, nothing good will come from it. If you don’t stand for something, you’ll stand for anything. When anything goes, anything WILL go, including things you don’t like.

This has more to do with power

Man desperately wants power, that’s happened in history many times. Back when Jesus was on earth the power he wielded by his teachings was enough to threaten the leaders of the day. Jesus is a threat to man’s power.

There’s a song children used to be taught called “What Color is God’s skin?” Jesus was a Jew. What color were Jews? This argument will cut the race activists off at the knees. Although popular culture and images depict Jesus as being white, he was likely darker skinned.

Race activists only see man’s penalty

And scoff at it. We have rules against tearing down art. Curiously, the left has been silent about that. The expression they champion is now collateral damage. Democrats have bowed to the mob so anything is allowed.

We have rules against damaging government property which was again based on Judeo-Christian foundings. Since that’s man’s rule the race activists may eventually see punishment for that.

Man can judge to his heart’s content. How dark is the heart of the race activist that freely murders the innocent? You can tear down statues and likenesses of Jesus or God. But man’s judgment is nothing compared to the judgment a race activist will see once death comes.

  1. Bet Th As so called race “Activists” would rally and defend a statue of Fidel Castro or Che Gruvara were one here and was threatened to be torn down .

  2. Sean King is way out of line, tearing down statues and burning down stores is anarchy. I hope and pray that Christians will not stand for him and his goons tearing down Jesus or any stained glass. I think whoever does any of this should be prosecuted. I am glad President Trump has declared that they will be prosecuted and I hope they do get 10 years.

    1. They had better think again before tearing down Jesus statues and destroying His churches.
      The wrath of God is quick and powerful. He stands up for His people, preachers and His buildings of worship. Be not deceived God is not mocked, whatsoever a man soweth he will reap. I would not want to be in their shoes for anything in this world.

  3. I pray for these. I would not want to have to face Jesus after having lived unrepentantly as His enemy. These same people could learn from Him; about loving our neighbor as ourselves no matter what our skin color or national origin.

  4. Jesus is not under attack, these Satanist are incapable of attacking him or the Father, What is under attack is mankind and believers, not the true believers, but the lukewarm believers, those with true faith will not and cannot be moved by these satanist, not even Satan himself can turn them, for they are in the book of life. One must keep his faith in these trying and evil times, others must find this faith, and many must return to it before it is to late, and that hour is almost upon the earth. What you see and hear today will be considered child’s play tomorrow.

      1. The Laodiceans were rich. They piped in cold water from the mountain (refreshing) and hot water with mineral healing elements. But the two water merged you spit it out as you could taste the impurity’s.

        Lukewarm people don’t think they have need of anything. Salvation only comes from Jesus’ death on the cross and resurrection.

  5. Here is a far better Idea remove the WILLFULLY IGNORANT MORONS and LIBERALS all who support all this IGNORANCE of trying to erase history. Put back all the Statues and other things and just remove the IDIOTS. Since they want Africa so much ship them there. Make sure it is one of thee Western or Northern African Nations where Slavery still exists. Make them stay at least one full year and if they survive allow them to get on the list to come back to America legally. All who try to return ILLEGALLY give them a bullet to the head and one to the heart. Those who try LEGALLY let them do all the paperwork and then tell them NO your IGNORANCE DISQUALIFIES you. That would be justice and is the only REAL solution To their IGNORANCE.

  6. Any Racist Satanist will be dealt with by GOD!!! Whoever take down a Statue of Jesus will feel the fires of Heaven on them!!! NO question about it!!

    1. In gas you did not know the only place where fire exists is on Earth since oxygen is needed to have fire

  7. They must have a death wish to openly attack churches. Most congregations will be armed to defend their property.

  8. All the words in the world are great, but we all as Americans need to unite and cast out those who would see our nation a nation of tyranny, and anarchy. Fight if we must as our forefathers did for freedom from English tyranny. These are not idle words, we as a nation stand at the gates of losing our freedoms or making this nation stronger and freer than ever.

  9. Why wait for anarchists to die for judgment. They are breaking our laws, let’s prosecute them now. I think an appropriate penalty would be for them to pay for the restoration of whatever they tear down and they might get the message, don’t destroy what isn’t yours.

  10. If they remove pictures of our Savior and all mentions of God. And put up graven images, The Lord will give you to your enemies. Do not mess with creator and his servants to bring the Word of God. God has no Color for us to see. Listen to his words, because he will lead, Guide and Direct you on the proper path. The Path you are on is wrong and destroying our country, Just Like the Taliban, Hamas, al-Qa’ida and ISIS, etc. This is not the direction we should be going. Protest, but stop tearing everything apart and ruining other peoples lives. You are do nothing but Hurting Yourself and what you represent

    1. Gerald, we will happily approve your comments so long as they do not include excessive cursing, racial slurs, or attacks towards individuals. Things to ask yourself before posting a comment 1.Does my comment add value to the discussion 2. will other readers including children want to engage in my comment.

  11. It is not Jesus himself, but Caucasian Jesus people are against since.Caucasian Jesus.never existed

  12. Have any of you read the communist manifesto? This is how it ALL begins. Remove all the history! Remove all religion! Remove the police! Remove the military! Remove all weapons from the PEOPLE! WELCOME TO COMMUNISM!

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