National Guard Braces Ahead of Violence and Mayhem

The federal government is having the National Guard brace for violence and mayhem before during and after the election. Two units of their military police are now on standby with 600 troops divided in two groups equally split between Alabama and Arizona, Pentagon officials confirmed on Wednesday.

National Guard troops for rapid riot deployment

The National Guard MP’s are on alert for rapid riot response as needed, with the troops all set “to deploy within 24 hours if requested by a governor in another state.” The forces in “Alabama would respond in the eastern half of the country, and those in Arizona would respond in the west.” They also have “more than $200,000 in new protective equipment.” Along with high tech riot gear, they all have “increased troop training on proper procedures in dealing with protests.”

A spokesman for the National Guard, General Daniel Hokanson, explains “our goal is to protect the people and property in the communities where we live and serve. This task force will allow us to do so with more speed and efficiency.” If the local officials won’t provide law and order, they will.

Another “military official” who wouldn’t reveal his identity to The Hill, “would not say whether the units were put in place in response to possible violence and civil unrest after the presidential election.” If that happens, they’ll be ready but “the official stressed that the units were set up as part of ‘standard procedure’ in case state governors requested support and that they would not deploy unless a governor asked for assistance.”

Not a new concept

The official also pointed out that “National Guard support of elections is not a new concept.” It just hasn’t been used in a while. “If [governors] request assistance, they will be able to contact the National Guard to support the police while the police are the front lines.” Everyone is used to the way they often help out after natural disasters, like hurricanes, floods, and fires but they’re also specialists in quelling “civil unrest.”

It’s been a violent summer with liberal cities across America going up in flames with rampant looting and general mayhem in the streets, in the guise of “peaceful” protests. The National Guard took a lot of heat over the battle for Lafayette Square in Washington, D.C. across from the White House. They were forced to deploy tear gas and smoke grenades against violent rioters trying to burn down a historic church on the other side of the park.

General Mark Milley, who’s the biggest of the big brass as chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff has reassured lawmakers that having the National Guard on standby is just a precaution. He “didn’t see the military playing a role in any possible election-related disputes.” Conservative Americans fear that when President Donald Trump wins the election, Democrats might not accept the outcome and try to illegally seize control.

  1. Can we use it to make SURE we have a somewhat fair election??? Of course – that’s an oxymoron in this state – where the dead and non-citizens are allowed to vote, no picture ID, mailed to everyone – probably even mailed to the inmates!!!!

  2. The army should remember that these alot of us older vets just sitting around doing nothing , and would gladly joint the ranks one last time to be of a use to the country we served and love . We may be older now and our eye site a bit fussy . but we can still shoot straight enough to be of use in the up coming fight to save our country one more time . Rather die fighting then bending a knee like so many do in our country . terrorists running free in our country and in our government , burning , looting and killing at will . We all know who they are . The only way to stop them is to fight fire with fire . No mercy … never give up … never surrender . After all their already said that’s how they will act if trump wins again . I was never released from my oath when I served . so I still serve in any way my president needs . Being older now I have nothing left to prove in life or in death . Tho are slaves to god , kings and desperate men , death be not proud .

  3. Just be sure the Guard has live ammunition and not rubber bullets….it appears that due to recent history they are going to need it…

  4. If they riot again just shoot them in the kneecaps so they can’t run anywhere. Then just scoop their butts up and take them right to jail with no bail or release where they can wait for their trial and sentence. Enough of enough. These ignorant people are domestic terrorists and need to be dealt with accordingly

  5. The conservative veterans need to step up—-there are a lot of lefties in military—get ready for anything to happen after election——the left will not accept TRUMP again———————————–SEMPER FI PS when you are old as I am just lock and load–

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