Radical Protestors Begin to Target Trump Supporters, Mainstream Media Turns a Blind Eye

AOC and supporters were crowing, “Haha, you got punked!” But what was the other side of that coin? Trump was able to speak indoors. He was open to speaking outdoors for those people who were blocked from entering the arena. Not all Trump supporters are warriors. Some are older. But we all have the right to vote for who we want to lead our country.  Maybe it’s time to call warriors out to help.

Trump supporters afraid for their lives

“Sadly, protesters interfered with supporters, even blocking access to the metal detectors, which prevented people from entering the rally,” noted Trump campaign communications director Tim Murtaugh. “Radical protesters, coupled with a relentless onslaught from the media, attempted to frighten off the president’s supporters. We are proud of the thousands who stuck it out.”

Trump supporters love to hear him speak. They know and understand his heart. People are hungry for what he says and that scares the media and the Democrat party.

Liberal manipulation to make numbers appear different

AOC as well as others called for teens on TikTok to buy up thousands of tickets. They wanted to make it look like Trump had a ton of fans waiting eagerly for that next rally.

Then protestors aided by the media were encouraged to intimidate legitimate rally attendees into not attending. The liberals wanted to make it look like nobody wanted to “hear from a racist”.

“My 16-year-old daughter and her friends in Park City, Utah, have hundreds of tickets,” a Mr. Schmidt tweeted at Mr. Parscale shortly before the rally was set to begin. “You have been rolled by America’s teens. @realDonaldTrump you have been failed by your team. You have been deserted by your faithful. No one likes to root for the losing team.”

Mr. Schmidt is a colleague of the Lincoln Project, a group of Republicans against Trump. “This is what happened tonight. I’m dead serious when I say this. The teens of America have struck a savage blow against @realDonaldTrump. All across America teens ordered tickets to this event. The fools on the campaign bragged about a million tickets. lol. @ProjectLincoln.”

Trump supporters know better than that

Mike Pence himself shrugged it off. “Four years ago, a movement was formed, and it looks like it’s doing just fine tonight,” Mr. Pence said.

Jason Miller, a political strategist and chief spokesman of the Trump 2016 campaign tweeted about media bitterness and anger being the signal Trump is doing well. “Judging by the bitterness of media twitter, I’d say tonight’s @realDonaldTrump speech was a home run!”

Dan Bongino, a conservative commentator reminded liberals that “Never forget – Republicans may not be the answer to all of your problems, BUT the cause of most of your problems are most certainly the Democrats.”

Ryan Fournier, co Chairman for Students of Trump, noted the amazing number of people who tuned in: Nearly 7 million people tuned into President Trump’s rally at home last night. Incredible.

Where’s Joe Biden?

  1. These Libraltards should be wearing brown shirts, they were the Nazi party’s main instrument for undermining democracy and facilitating Adolf Hitler’s rise to power. The SA, Storm Troopers, was the predominant terrorizing arm of the Nazi party, from 1923 until “The Night of the Long Knives” in 1934.

  2. OK – the ‘lincoln project’ guys are really the ones being duped by ‘rick wilson’ (who has terminal TDS) – even if half of the tickets were bogus – mostly by teenagers who are NOT old enough to vote BTW – that STILL leaves around FIVE hundred thousand DJT supporters – and as poorly as the lame stream media treated them and the harassment they received, no wonder a lot were no shows. I have still not seen any hard numbers of attendees either.
    What does the lame stream media have to say about the many folks who camped out to attend, some for as much as a week. Never mind, they were dupes.

  3. Did those clever teenagers actually *pay* for their tickets? In that case, the money went to Trump’s campaign war-chest. So the kids didn’t actually show up? Trump still got their money. If they didn’t pay for those tickets, be sure that Trump’s campaign will see to it that nobody get free tickets hereafter. At even $1 per ticket, his campaign will collect a cool million from those gullible, self-righteous young fools.

  4. Yes for three years if not more the babie communists on the left cried about Russia interfering in our elections, but here they are doing the same and they are gloating about it. Also I didn’t hear a peep when Obama( I will never call this communist president again) interfered in the elections in Israel and even sent hundreds of people there to interfere! People there is one thing you need to understand and it is so easy to see… no matter what the communist progressive left blames the right for doing, they either are in the process of doing or have already done it!!! Just look and you can see! They yell about President Trump being dangerous to national security- when they want open borders. They yell about collusion between the president and Russia- when they colluded with them on the fake dossier to bring our president down. They call the Republicans racists and President Trump supporters racists too- when they are are party of slavery, KKK, had a KKK party member in there party, call all black Republicans “coons,” “ uncle Tom’s,” “lawn jockeys,” and other racist names. They say President Trump is trying to rig the election -when 99% of the hundreds of officials and people brought up on charges of voter fraud are Democrats! I can go on but hopefully you get the picture! Come November get out and vote President Trump back in and any Republicans. Now I think the Republican Party is almost useless, but they are better than the communist progressive leftist who want to destroy America! Get out and vote and call your congressmen and women to tell them to get off their win passes and start fighting back! Nuff said!

  5. That supposed to read at the end of my first post …call your congressmen and women to tell them to get off their asses and start fighting back! Nuff said!

  6. That’s why you should always carry something for when you are confronted by one of these a$$holes

  7. If Trump wants to have campaigns he will have to have security for the people who want to come and see him. Security for waiting to get into his campaign and leaving his campaign and getting to their transportation. This will keep people away or wanting to go depending on how he handles this main situation. Not just a few security people but a police force as well as security to protect them from the anarchists that will definitely show up. Do it or have unssucessful campaigns.

  8. Where the Special Prosecutor to investigated the collusion between the Chinese Communist Government and the loser lincoln Project and aoc I thought after that bogus impeachment crap meddling in a Presidential Campaign was wrong but instead we have aoc and the crappy lame street media cheerleading this so called trolling of President Trump’s Re-election Campaign. It’s a joke that 50 million plus American Voters can be treated so cavalierly during an election year, it’s really unbelievable and we need a revolution to throw all these self service pos out of government and drain the wicked from the swamp.

  9. So the Dems engineered the Russia hoax and now they think it is okay to tamper with elections.Time for the Dems to get their butts kicked. They are very sick mentally and do not belong in America politics or government.

  10. I won’t go to a rally without my gun. If some idiot is going to try and beat me to death he will be shot. I’d advise all republicans to start fighting back before its to late. Wait till its time to vote and see the intimidation you will get.

  11. It is refreshing to see an article where the author sounds intelligent and kmows what they are talking about Patti sounds as though she really cares about our country and really sticks to the facts.

  12. Just think of it as a large crow for Trump. They showed up for the rally and we should all take credit and say thank you for filling the space for Trump as a lot of us that would lie to come live to far. Great Rally from my easy chair in my living room with a cold drink my fet up and got to see Trump with out any eruptions. Keep building up the amount that we can was actually at a great rally and raise our tally buy how many of you showed up.

  13. So the stupid teens bought hundreds of tickets and think Trump got punked. Now look at the flip side, Trump got thousands of dollars donated to his funds because those seats were empty but he got the money for the sales. So who got what out of the deal? Trump still had hundreds of people show up and he sold hundreds of tickets and the only ones who lost were the stupid teens who bought tickets and lost that money. Trump made a lot of money and didn’t have to give up one seat to do it. Stupid is as stupid does and democrats keep proving you can’t fix stupid.

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