AG Barr Stuns Everyone, Drops Bombshell Announcement About Bolton

Attorney General William Barr stunned everyone, but most especially liberal democrats, when he warned former National Security Advisor John Bolton that releasing his controversial book could land him in jail and he announced that he promises to block it. President Trump has been saying the same thing all along.

John Bolton’s criminal problem

President Donald Trump warned John Bolton that if he decides to go ahead with plans to release his salacious book, he better be prepared for the “criminal problem” that will go with it. He never got the required clearance for “The Room Where It Happened: A White House Memoir.”

Democrats have been salivating to get their hands on Bolton’s book ever since the kangaroo impeachment court proceedings. They’ve been working real hard to cover up the crimes of the Obama administration but progressives couldn’t name a single actual “crime” which President Trump actually committed so they hinged all their hopes on the former spook’s manuscript. They couldn’t get a look at it then and the publication has been delayed twice now. Bolton never bothered to put it through the “clearance process.”

John Bolton’s lawyer, Chuck Cooper, is already on record claiming that “his client worked painstakingly for months with classification specialists at the White House National Security Council” to bring the draft manuscript in line with legal requirements. Attorney General William Barr isn’t buying it. If they don’t do it properly he’ll block it. If Bolton publishes anyway, he will go to jail.

Non-disclosure agreements require review

During a recent White House event, AG Barr noted that any administration official with access to “sensitive information,” including the former National Security Adviser, must sign a “non-disclosure” agreement that requires them to go through a formal process “before they can publish something based on information they accessed” while on the job.

“We don’t believe that Bolton went through that process,” the Attorney General explained. “therefore, is in violation of that agreement.” He swears up and down that his staff has been “trying to get them to complete the process.” All they have to do is “make the necessary deletions of classified information.” The only problem is that without the secret information, the memoir is toilet paper.

On Tuesday, the Treasury Department slammed Bolton with an iron fist, when they “filed a breach-of-contract lawsuit against Bolton, alleging his book contains classified information.”

It’s no wonder that President Trump fired Bolton in September of 2019. “I informed John Bolton last night that his services are no longer needed at the White House. I disagreed strongly with many of his suggestions, as did others in the Administration.” Bolton is part of the Deep State out to get President Trump at any cost. Many believe he’s one of the officials named by Archbishop Carlo Vigano in his shocking letter to President Trump last week where he throws his resources behind President Donald Trump and the forces of light against the evil “children of darkness.”

  1. Ah, just another front in ‘Crossfire Hurricane’, making it nothing but constantly difficult for Trump to remain in office and get things done. May Mr. Bolton enjoy an infarction real soon

  2. Bolton is nothing but a anti-America traitor , liberal puke , complicit criminal of the NWO agenda liberal criminals of Congress , soros , obastard , Clintons & all their mixed together criminal networks . His motives are not honorable , with no integrity or conscience .

  3. This traitor is a war-monger, hired by a Bush-dynasty has-been. Bolton couldn’t get confirmed as a United Nations Ambassador. Trump fired John Bolton after a string of disagreements, removing one of the most hawkish voices in Trump’s inner circle on a number of issues, including Taliban negotiations and China trade talks. Bolton is now crying sour-grapes over his book. I truly hope he tries publishing the book, and then Barr can have him placed in jail, perhaps along with his attorney.

    1. Listen up … Trump gave this POS a chance to help the Country and he …being a Deep State Operative against Trump just did everything he could to bring down the Trump Administration and is still trying with his “Lying POS Book” … Fuck Bolton, Barr put the POS behind Bars where the POS belongs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Also, put Obama, Clinton, Comey, Brennan, Clapper, Mueller, Roseinstein, McCabe, Stzrok, and the rest of the “””SWAMP DWELLERS””” in prison where they “ALL” belong …… Period!!!!!!!

      If this isn’t done …. The USA is “”””””Done!!!!!!!!!!!!””””””””

  4. I originally approved of Bolton’s performance at UN Ambassador–he stood up for issues I consider important (gun-related). However, his actions in recent years have soiled my original opinion of him.

  5. So it seems that John got it handed to him finally by BARR. WE are happy to see BARR bark. BARR has had all of US worried because his ‘BUSHY’ past is a real problem, as are those damned BUSH’S! “Mitt-sey-Romney” gets a stick stuck up his anus soon too! BARR, BARR, bark, bark, cause your history is well-known. Turn on ‘The Deep State’, Bush, Clinton, Obama, Soros, Ukraine, BIDEN! BARR, BARR!

  6. Bolton has been around too long. Time for this knot head to retire. He should have given up long ago. No, he plans to make residual income on his perception of the way it really happened. This time he made the all fiction head of literature with his book. A question would be on whose time did he fabricate this spiral notebook of plagery? I believe he has fossilized his brain over time.

  7. Apparently Bolton was not the true loyal American citizen he wanted everyone to accept. Loyalty is a virtue and now many of our so called leaders and hired members of the government have forgotten their oaths of office. It is no wonder that so many young people are rebelling against the establishment, these sorry disloyal people have set the scene. Bolton was just another con artist trying to be somebody. It is obvious the recent Bush administration failed to really vet this dude. It is my opinion that we are all responsible for the welfare of our nation, not just a few power hungry rich folks who made their money underhanded. MAY GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!!!

  8. Now Barr actually has no say in this matter, the NSC approved the book and said it was nothing in it that was classified. Now Trumpo is saying everything he says or does is classified which is wrong because we have laws about what is required to make any thing classified, and talking with a President or opinions about a President are not classified material in any way.
    Now no matter what Bar does or does not do th book will be out and everyone will know about everything in the book, Bar and Trump are just helping sales of the book, implying here is something that is being hidden from the public by Trump Administation

    1. You’re so full of crap your eyes must be brown. You don’t know what you’re talking about as it pertains to “classified material”. Stop embarrassing yourself if that’s possible. Never mind, too late!

      1. Dennis L Ruffin
        Now after 26 years of working with and classifying material it seems you are in the same commune the rest of Trump supporters are in, just believe everything your master tells you.

  9. I dod not catch the source as I was engaged in a phone conversation with the TV in when a video from 2010 had a statement on videotape from Bolton who was saying he saw nothing at all wrong in LYING it it suited his or anyone’s purpose to ACCOMPLISH A SPECIFIC GOAL. If that is not a direct link to the application of the Marxist Dialectic by the lunatic radical eft, I do not know what is, and , THIS VIETNAM DISABLED VETERAN, MADE SO NOT BY ENEMY ACTION BUT THIS GOVERNMENT’S USE OF DIOXIN, MORE INFAMOUSLY KNOWN AS AGENT ORANGE ON ITS OWN TROOPS WHEN BY INFERRED INTERNATIONAL AGREEMENT, SUCH AGENTS SHOULD NEVER HAVE BEEN USED AGAINST HUMAN BEINGS! ( SHOWS HOW LITTLE VETERANS ARE THOUGHT OF IN THIS COUNTRY, DOESN’T IT)ESPECIALY SINCE THOUSANDS OF HIMELESS VETS ARE LIVING IN THE STREETS BUT FOREIGN FELONS ARE EXISTING ON BENEFITS FROM FUNDING THAT SHOULD HAVE GONE TO VETERANS IN SO CALLED “SANCTUARY CITIES,” WHICH ARE NOT EVEN LEGAL IN MY EYES BY ANY CONSTITUTIONAL STANDARD.M and I have had a degree in Government for the last 53 years!

  10. I use to enjoy hearing his views when Bolton was a FOX talking head, but apparently he’s ,it a team player. He is an advisor, not “the man”. This gambit to attempt to embarrass Trump and, more importantly, to make a ton of cash. It’s a poor reference for future employment.

  11. Trump either needs to charge the SOB for breaking the law or STFU. If Barr had not drug his feet and stopped the publication of the book months before he filed we would not be talking about this.

  12. We have NEVER had an administration as TRANSPARENT as the Trump Presidency. I doubt the President can use the ‘John’ without it being reported to CNN, CNBC, NY Times and WAPO. There are so many Obama holdovers who CONTINUALLY LEAK everything to the press that confidentiality is a thing of the past. Ain’t loyalty great ?????

  13. If he truly is a PATRIOT then why didn’t he write a book about ” W ” and the Twin Towers ????

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