Mayor Declares ‘Civil Emergency’ ahead of Trump Rally, Stragglers Face Arrest

BLM and rioters are going to be allowed to run free. Quiet Trump supporters camping out at the building are not allowed. It’s one of several reasons for a civil emergency to be declared. It’s one more facet in trying to keep Trump from being reelected. The order assumes both rioters and the need for police officers to monitor the perimeter. Police are a double edged sword at this time. Just their presence may trigger unrest.

Trump isn’t just any politician

Any other politician wouldn’t be planning a rally at this time. But Trump is a businessman, not a politician. Like his supporters, we’re all ready to begin getting the nation back on its feet.

He’ll forge on ahead regardless the circumstances. Americans are unafraid to defend themselves. Rioters, agitators and those with COVID can come on in. Trump rally attendees will do what is necessary to defend our right to peaceably assemble.

Dirty tricks R us

Agitators are being recruited and paid. Those with symptoms of COVID are being encouraged to attend. Maybe if some Trump supporters are killed from illness it might make a dent in his popularity.

“I have received information from the Tulsa Police Department and other law enforcement agencies that shows that individuals from organized groups who have been involved in destructive and violent behavior in other States are planning to travel to the city of Tulsa for purposes of causing unrest in and around the rally,” Tulsa Mayor G.T. Bynum wrote in his executive order.

All reasonable precautions will be taken

Masks and hand sanitizer will be available. Temperature checks will be done. The masks will not be a requirement however. The organizers will leave it up to each individual as to whether or not to put that mask on.

Trump supporters are held to a different standard. Rioters can burn to their hearts content but Trump supporters are restricted. Rioters are criminals. By definition they won’t obey laws.

A second event in the area is planned. “Looking at a 2nd event in town to get more people to be w/@realDonaldTrump,” Trump campaign manager Brad Parscale said as the number of registered people passed 200,000. “Gonna be GREAT in the most open state in the nation!”

  1. And it finally comes to a head! Here’s some TRUTH! This will be the worst mistake the communist could make! There will be more than one million of us Americans. You’ll muster 500 dissidents; maybe. Oh by the way, 99.1 percent of us are armed and will shoot to kill. Is this what the new world order wants? Martyrs for the cause? This is not a threat, it is fact. Bring your bad selves on and watch what happens. It won’t be pretty. They CAN’T stop this gathering. It’s gonna happen and it will serve as the biggest F*** Y** to these communist attempting to RUIN our nation!

  2. I saw an awful lots of protestors walking apparently away from the place when it was over. It was said they were walking to the center of the city or some important place. Why were so many protestors let into the area. I will bet they figured they would cause trouble but when they saw that the Trump people were all young men they decided to stay calm. They are chicken when they see their at the least equals and probably more capable of fighting back. And also they had people waiting to get into the building and closed the entrance at the same time they closed the outside standing place to watch Trump. So a lot of people didn’t get in, what was the thinking on that, to make the crowd smaller. Just asking.

  3. All these rotten tactics the communist left used: sending Covid-19 protesters to infect President Trump supporters: the slime protesters blocking the gates so others couldn’t get in: harassing President Trump supporters, buying tickets to keep them from people who wanted to go and to f::k with the people in charge: and all of this won’t be on the fake news channels. All they will say is look where is the million people, you see President Trump is losing his base, while ignoring why the arena wasn’t filled. This is f::ken disgusting! These communists will do anything to win! They will lie, cheat, steal, attack with physical violence, smear, block entrances, use personal attacks, and whatever comes to their ignorant communist minds! Where the F::K is the Republican Party!?!?!? I hate to say this but these weak f::ken idiots are our only hope to stop this, other than a civil war!!! Call these clowns and tell them to get off their asses and fight!! Because if they don’t fight for us then we need to be fully stocked with food ,guns, and ammo! Nuff said!

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