Older Sibling Stops Mother From Lighting Their Brother on Fire

A 4-year-old boy was saved by their older sibling when they stopped their mother from pouring lighter fluid on his bed and setting it on fire.

According to police, 33-year-old Latisha McDonald allegedly poured lighter fluid on her young son’s bed, attempting to set both the bed and boy on fire on December 13.

“McDonald was obviously having a severe mental health crisis that warranted immediate medical and mental intervention,” authorities stated.

Thankfully, one of McDonald’s older children realized her intention and was able to intervene by taking the lighter away from her.

There were six children at the home during the incident.

At 6:38 a.m., police with the Nash County Sheriff’s Office arrived on scene and took the mother into custody under an emergency involuntary commitment order.

According to authorities, all six children are now in the custody of the Nash County Social Services Department.

McDonald was charged with attempted murder, attempted arson and felony child abuse for the incident.

She is currently being held at Nash UNC Health Care awaiting medical and mental health treatment, as stated by the Nash County Sheriff’s Office.

Officials revealed that “warrants will be served once she is released from the hospital.”

At this time, the investigation continues.



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