Here It Is: FBI Admits What We Already Knew

The FBI has confessed that it does not make any attempt to track and classify crimes as related to Antifa. The agency continues to insist that Antifa must be treated as an ideology or a movement rather than as an organized group, despite abundant evidence of higher level organization and planning accompanying riots and vandalism carried out by people who associate themselves with Antifa and are perfectly willing to make this identity known.

FBI refuses to target Antifa

The FBI is, in fact, doing excellent PR work for Antifa in denying that there is any organized group behind the label.

Despite clearly being funded and directed by certain people, Antifa supporters prefer to present themselves as normal people showing an organic support for Marxism.

The reality is that someone has to be coordinating their appearances around the country and organizing the protests they travel to attend.

The FBI is fully aware of the fact that there is organization and money behind Antifa but the agency is actively choosing to espouse the propaganda lines preferred by the group itself.

In testimony before Congress the agency has claimed that it is much more focused on combating the threat of white supremacist terrorism, a threat which does not exist.

The federal government is perfectly aware of what happens in Portland on a regular basis. Antifa is not some ephemeral movement of popular anarchism.

Allies against the right

In refusing to acknowledge the reality of Antifa the FBI is seeking both to give the group legitimacy and to explain why they refuse to crack down on the leftist radicals.

Antifa and the FBI are, in practice, perfectly aligned in their political aims.  Both are entirely, if sometimes unwittingly, devoted to propping up the current political order.

Antifa and other far left groups are useful idiots for the feds and are always happy to do their work in disrupting right wing movements and gatherings.

Leading Democrats are generally happy to endorse the idea that Antifa does not exist, despite evidence to the contrary.

Congressional Republicans routinely fail to ask serious questions about who is propping up and encouraging the group from within the political establishment.

No one seems to be particularly interested in questioning why a supposedly anarcho-communist movement usually finds itself on the same side as the federal government.

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