The Facts Behind Antifa Origins and Intent

The radical leftist organization Antifa has been described as a nonexistent threat by many Democrats, who claim that the group is a figment of Republican imaginations. In fact, Antifa has a surprisingly long history. The origins of these left wing militants stretch back far beyond the 2016 election, when they first came to the attention of most of America. Unsurprisingly, the origins of Antifa reveal that the group is both very real and very rooted in far left violence.

The Soviet roots of Antifa

The first iteration of Antifa was born amid the turmoil of the Weimar Republican in Germany. This unstable and uncertain period, which followed the First World War, saw the rise of a number of radical parties.

One of these parties was the KPD, the Communist Party of German. As a front for Stalin in Germany, the purpose of this party was to ultimately seize power in Germany and clear the way for Soviet domination of Western Europe.

To pursue this objective, Stalin and his puppets in Germany needed a militant wing for the KPD to intimidate and assault political opposition of any kind.

This first Antifa, known as Antifaschisitsche Aktion, obviously failed in their efforts to start a Communist revolution in Germany and bring about world domination for the Soviet Union.

This has not, however, stopped their American successors from adopting the imagery and tactics of the German Communists. The modern Antifa is very clearly and openly styled after the original Stalinist group.

Like their predecessors, the current far left activists imagine that they are in the process of bringing about a Communist revolution in the United States and that anyone who is opposed must be a fascist.

KPD headquarters in Berlin, home of the original Antifa

Useful idiots in both centuries

Also like their predecessors, however, the contemporary Antifa is essentially a collection of semi-useful idiots working as foot soldiers for others.

The loose network of far left activists identifying themselves as Antifa receive frequent support from wealthy and powerful liberals like George Soros and leading Democrats.

The Communists and anarchists tend to reconcile the issue by claiming that the billionaires are actually the ones being controlled as puppets by the bands of generally smelly and unkempt left wing protesters which frequently occupy Portland and other cities.

As a Stalinist revolutionary front, Antifa in America has been a complete failure. As a convenient club for powerful liberals to bash conservatives and Republicans with, they have been a great success.

The vital thing to remember about these activists and failed revolutionaries is that, in both Germany and America, they have always been puppets in the employ of others.

There is no danger in America of an imminent Communist revolution led by unwashed protesters in Seattle and Portland. The real danger of Antifa is, and has always been, their usefulness as puppets for the leftists with real power.

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