The Biden Creepiness Continues [LOOK]

Biden tends to fabricate things. It might be that he’s trying to remember his life or make himself look more impressive. Either way it’s not a good look for the President. Many people consider him a disgrace. That’s how he can get in front of the military, look them in the eye and just rattle things off he doesn’t believe. He then approaches children to ingratiate himself. His comments are very inappropriate.

Biden cozies up to children

He “loved the little girl’s ears”. He then asked how old she was to which her brother replied, “She’s six”. It’s not the first time he’s been inappropriate and probably not the last.

He stood in front of the military at an event at the Naval Station Norfolk in Norfolk, Virginia. He spoke about being appointed to West Point to play football but he turned them down. There is no record of that happening.

Biden says things

But he doesn’t believe them. There’s no evidence he’s put rubber to the road to back up his words. He addressed those service members with, “We have a lot of obligations as a government. We only have one truly sacred obligation, and that is to prepare those who we send into harm’s way, care for them and their families when they come home, and make sure they’re never forgotten.”

The first evidence he doesn’t believe this was the disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan when he first took office. There are people deployed in the Mediterranean on aircraft carriers. He reassures them that he’ll take care of them but the words are hollow.

Biden doesn’t have boundaries

He shouldn’t be approaching children like this. It’s lecherous. It’s the equivalent of a grandfather getting too close to his grandchildren.

He shouldn’t be highlighting body parts. If this had been Trump the media would be screaming and giving it a new word but since it’s Biden he has to be given a pass. It’s only going to get worse.

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