Angry Mob Attack Lawmaker, Set Fire to Home and Invade Govt Buildings

This has nothing to do with justice. When property destruction started to happen, it stopped being about protesting. It was about tearing down anything American and gaining power. The statue that was torn down was of somebody who hated slavery, which BLM and ANTIFA should have recognized and left alone. The lawmaker also was on their side. The technology exists for these people to know what to leave alone.

Lawmakers are all bark and no bite

Some lawmakers have been sent scurrying to bunkers rather than pulling out weapons in their arsenal. Lawmakers that expect people to listen to them when they talk and that’s all they have to do.

If you’re talking to people that are listening to you, that’s great. BLM and ANTIFA aren’t listening though. Lawmakers bowing down to them, “understanding” them will buy you nothing.

It’s only when a lawmaker isn’t going to take what they’re dishing out

That they’ll back off. For the most part, Trump is wisely not stepping in. Even when he does step in, the media doesn’t report it.

He’ll federalize the local National Guard. What people should NOT want is martial law. This applies to everybody, not just lawbreakers. Even people going to the grocery store will likely be stopped and checked.

Lawmakers need to mean what they say

It needs to be consistent across all affected areas. If lawmakers continue to talk without taking action, people will stop listening.

If you dissent from them either in action or words, you may be injured or killed. That’s why people in traffic in the area need to plow through rather than stop to avoid hitting another human. BLM and ANTIFA count on you being a nice person, not wanting to hit another human. They’ll pull you out of your vehicle and possibly kill you.

  1. BLM by the admission of its leaders is a Marxist revolutionary organization bent not on racial justice but rather on socialist tyranny. It was founded on a lie. It should be declared a domestic TERRORIST organization and dealt with accordingly.

  2. Well, unfortunately it will backfire into the politicians faces. If they think I am going to stay in a place where I can’t even walk to the store before it gets burned down these politicians are worse off than the BLM in the brain department. Underneath a communist system people have to be locked in because they leave. Apparently these politicians backing up the communist BLM haven’t read history. This country is huge enough for people to leave the cities and live elsewhere.

  3. Enough of this madness. Go after the rioters with stun-weapons, and plenty of them. ZAP them down, cuff them while they’re snoring, stuff them in the paddy-wagons and cart them off to jail. Let them wake up in the cells, facing charges. What with the ubiquity of cameras these days, evidence should be plentiful. When convicted, give them a choice of sentences: go to jail or go to 1) Mecca, if Muslim; 2) Liberia, if Black; 3) Venezuela, if White Marxist; 4) Argentina, if Latino and illegal.

  4. Old Chicago Mayor Daley gave orders to shoot to kill during the riots of ’64 and ’72. Citizens backed him and loved him. Then came mini Daley and a bunch of alcoholic political hacks running the show. If the current mayor had any balls, those orders should be renewed. No balls, no orders, just pro communist bullshit. One of Lightfoot’s predecessors of the same name was a card carrying commie. They have wormed their selves into these positions so they could work hand in glove with America haters, and give them legal cover against their crimes. What about that lefty judge in N.J. looks like some people have had enough of this collusional government BLM, Antifa, CAIR crap.

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