ALERT: Backseat Sex Tape Blows U.N. Corruption WIDE OPEN (Video)

The United Nations wants you to think that they are trustworthy enough to work out all the world’s problems, like the one they call “sex trafficking.” They want to deny that the world’s oldest profession has any redeeming value whatsoever. The UN declares “zero tolerance” for the entire practice. Then some UN workers get busted driving around in in flagrante delicto with a “trafficked” human in an official UN vehicle. Can you say “corruption?”

Public sex in an official UN car

Not only were UN personnel violating United Nations policies, they were doing it in an official car with a bold black “UN” plastered all over it. UN staff thought nothing of casually having sex while driving around the public city streets, where any child could see what was happening. There was more than one official involved too. That makes it “conspiracy.”

The vehicle was in motion, which means there was a driver. The video shows a front seat passenger. It’s unknown how many people were in the back seat, but the woman in the red dress is as much in motion as the vehicle. She’s alleged to be a professional sex worker but that hasn’t been officially confirmed.

After the sex tape surfaced, the United Nations scrambled to do damage control. The vehicle has been positively identified as an official UN car driving through the streets of Tel Aviv in Israel. The head of the UN is “shocked and deeply disturbed.” He can’t deny the video “reveals a woman in a red dress straddling a man in the back seat of an official UN vehicle.”

Prompt, appropriate action

Inner City Press released the film. They’ve been spotlighting corruption at the world body for many years and were even thrown off the grounds of the New York UN headquarters in 2018. Their tape of the sex-mobile proves “the vehicle was part of a UN Truce Supervision Organization mission in Tel Aviv, Israel.” The crew is tasked with verifying ceasefires in the Middle East region.

Secretary General Antonio Guterres claims to be “shocked and deeply disturbed by what is seen in the video.” What he saw “goes against everything that we stand for and have been working to achieve in terms of fighting misconduct by U.N. Staff.” Having sex in a company vehicle is bad enough, exploiting women by paying them to do it is off the scale.

According to spokeswoman Stephane Dujarric, “an investigation has been activated and is moving very quickly.” Quicker than the back seat sex worker. He admits that “they know the location of the incident, that it was a UNTSO vehicle and that it is likely that the people in the video are UNTSO staff members.” He plans for “the process to be concluded very quickly,” so they can “take prompt appropriate action.”

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