No Penalty For Panty Sniffing Marshal

Panty Sniffing

Deputy U.S. Marshal David Timothy Moon is most certainly a panty sniffing sexual “deviant.” That doesn’t make him a criminal. He was caught on video with his nose in the underwear of a 3-year-old girl but the judge is powerless to even send him to treatment.

No punishment for panty sniffing

All the punishment that Moon will get for his creepy behavior is unsupervised probation on a trespassing charge, Judge Katherine Cooper ruled.

Outraged neighbors are wondering if he has connections to the Clintons or something, like the ones Epstein allegedly used to get out of his child-slavery jam in Florida. The Local ABC station reports “Moon was not supervised by Arizona’s U.S. Marshals. Instead, he reported to bosses in Washington, D.C.”

Moon was indicted on two counts of felony trespassing with sexual motivation. He later made a plea deal for misdemeanor trespassing. “This is by far the stupidest thing I’ve ever done in my life,” Moon said at his sentencing.

The prosecutor wanted him registered as a sex offender and ordered into therapy. “The actions by the defendant, in this case, show a need for evaluation, show a need for potential treatment, and that’s going to go unnoticed, untreated, if there’s no evaluation done in this case,” argued Deputy County Attorney Marcus Beecher.

Judge Cooper said no. “It can seem unfair,” the judge told her shocked audience, “it can seem like it’s not enough.” Moon has no priors, she noted, along with giving him brownie points for his military service, and work as a deputy marshal.” Some say she should have taken points away for that last one. “The court believes that he is sincere in his remorse.” So was Jeffrey Epstein.

He went straight to the hamper

The way that Moon used the pretext of a real estate open house as part of his perverted scheme last May in Phoenix, Arizona shows it was planned out in advance. The 50-year-old federal law enforcement officer knew exactly what he was doing, as he gave the realtor a momentary slip to duck into the toddler’s bedroom. The video shows him make a beeline straight for the child’s laundry hamper.

Panty Sniffing
He knows exactly what he’s looking for.

Moon is clearly seen rummaging through the dirty laundry for a pair of the child’s soiled underwear. “This isn’t someone who’s unsure and needs to look around.” forensic psychologist John Delatorre points out. He knows exactly what he’s looking for. His experience with sex offenders convinces him that moon has “a compulsion” to sniff the panties of children. It wasn’t the master bedroom he was in.

As the video continues, it shows Moon holding the underwear under his nose to smell them for as long as he dared. Minutes later, he returned again “for a second round with the preschooler’s clothing.” On his way out he noticed the nanny cam and made an unprintable comment that shows he knew he was busted.

Who’s watching the watchmen?

This vile creature is supposed to be in charge of protecting the public and upholding the law, not tiptoeing around some child’s bedroom with nasty panty sniffing thoughts on his mind. His disgusting behavior was so disturbing that it calls into question how he managed to hold his job for over two decades. Especially, when there may have been other incidents. Didn’t any of his investigator colleagues notice any signs? Apparently not.

When the U.S. Marshals Service found out what he did, they fired Moon. They didn’t notice a single thing to raise an eyebrow during his whole career as “a federal agent for 24 years.” During that time, “he worked in multiple states, including Arizona, Alabama, and Florida,” an agency spokesman relates.

Phoenix police didn’t have any trouble uncovering red flags. According to the police report, “a girlfriend said Moon heard police were looking for him, so ‘he threw out his computer’ and his Gmail account had a video of ‘girls doing gymnastics in an email from ‘him to himself.'”

Once he completes probation, Moon could apply for this trespassing case to be set aside. If approved, the complaint would be dismissed and judgment of guilt set aside.


  1. One scum like this makes things very difficult for the majority of officers who are decent hard working men and women who dedicate their lives to the safety of society. This garbage is the one people will remember sadly.

  2. you may be good at your job but people forget if you don’t have morals or a spiritual life in which you are actually working on yourself to overcome your weaknesses, then you’re still a pathetic human being………………


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