Clinton arms deal

Clinton Cash Behind Deep State Arms Deal

A bombshell lawsuit filed by Carter Page in federal court lays out exactly how a Clinton arms deal made it possible for rogue operatives to intentionally abuse the power of their authority. The Federal Bureau of Instigation basically “weaponized” the legal system. Page intends to expose and remedy the “FISA abuse that has occurred during the last few years,” attorney John Pierce announced.

Illegal Clinton Arms Deal

The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance court is furious that Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign used cash donations to fund an illegal “arms deal.” The FBI lied to the court when they swore under oath that everything they were saying was accurate, even though they planted all the “evidence” that Hillary bought for them.

Page, formerly a campaign adviser to President Donald Trump, filed his defamation case on Thursday in Illinois federal court. The suit names Perkins Coie, a law firm which represented Hillary’s campaign, along with two of their lawyers. The Democratic National Committee is also named as a defendant.

Operation Crossfire Hurricane

In essence, Clinton bought the bullets which the deep state FBI used to shoot Carter Page with, hoping to catch President Trump in the “hurricane” of crossfire. The deep state Department of Injustice even officially called their treasonous underground plot, “crossfire hurricane.”

The defendants “used false information, misrepresentations and other misconduct to direct the power of the international intelligence apparatus and the media industry against a private individual, Plaintiff Carter Page, to further their political agenda,” Page’s lawyers write.

Perkins Coie, and their attorneys Marc Elias and Michael Sussmann, have already admitted that they used Clinton and DNC campaign money to recruit Christopher Steele and fund his efforts to dig up as much dirt as he could on then-candidate Donald Trump. They didn’t care if it was true as long as it was nasty. The “dossier” he brought back to them was a masterpiece.

Clinton arms deal
“weaponization” that makes Watergate wiretap pale in comparison.

Clinton used FISA Court as a political weapon

James Comey and his FBI cronies in the Hillary Clinton fan club knew that Steele’s dossier couldn’t stand all by itself, so they carefully leaked certain parts of it to the press, then used the press reports to “prove” to the FISA court that the sketchy-at-best allegations had substance. They couldn’t get wiretaps on Trump Tower any other way.

Not only is that illegal, that is a level of “weaponization” so intense that it makes the Watergate burglary and wiretap pale in comparison. In the process, they “effectively” destroyed Page’s “once-private life.”

After all was said and done, even Grand Inquisitor Robert Mueller couldn’t find anything to burn Page at the stake with, because he never did anything wrong. “Page was never charged with a crime, and the Mueller report said investigators could not establish any coordination between Page and the Russian government as it interfered in the election.”

Only the first step

The FISA court is furious that they were so blatantly misled in such an important and sensitive investigation. They came down like a ton of bricks on the DOJ and ordered a Superfund scale cleanup of the illegally obtained toxic “evidence.”

The FBI has already taken steps to “sequester all collection the FBI acquired” as a result of all four applications, not just the two where they admit lying to the court. That means every shred of evidence gathered in the entire clandestine operation against Page will be rounded up and locked away.

John Pierce, the attorney for Page, called the defamation lawsuit only the “first step” to restore justice and faith in the rule of law. “This is a first step to ensure that the full extent of the FISA abuse that has occurred during the last few years is exposed and remedied.”

  1. Poor Carter Page. Naming Hillary and the denizens of the swamp you’ve put yourself in the running for an extremely likely bazaar suicide so often found in Clinton investigations or at least a robbery gone awry.

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