Angry Violent Democrats Dox Senate Majority Leaders Home Address, Violence on the Horizon

If the mob doesn’t like what you’re doing, you’d better hire plenty of security and make sure your insurance is up to date. Friday night Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg passed away. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell announced straight away they’d fill that seat. It’s his job. Also straight away, Democrats smelled Trump’s blood in the water. How much can they delay the election outcome?

Democrats are furious with McConnell

Going ahead to replace Ginsburg just days away from the election. He’s going against what he said during the Obama administration but then the stakes are different. With Trump at the helm, McConnell is just doing his job. With Obama at the helm, Americans saw the destruction of the nation happening.

McConnell said, “because we pledged to work with President Trump and support his agenda, particularly his outstanding appointments to the federal judiciary. Once again, we will keep our promise.”

Democrats are happy to embrace far left violent mobs if it means their power will be restored. Within hours of McConnell saying they’d vote his address was posted online.

Democrats aren’t stopping the rioters

They’ve recently proven they aren’t going to be peaceful protesters. It’s anybody’s guess as to whether any property destruction would happen.

About 100 showed up at McConnell’s house to protest. Among other things chanted were, “Ditch Mitch” and “Hey hey ho ho, Mitch McConnell has to go”.

Democrats need an audience though

And there wasn’t one. McConnell wasn’t even home. Protesters think everybody needs to hear their message. Sorry, not everybody cares. You have the right to protest. You DON’T have the right to insist people listen.

They protested for about three hours resulting in one arrest. Democrat Laura Johnsrude was one of the protesters. “I’m disgusted that Senator McConnell would treat this opportunity in a complete different manner than he treated the opportunity when there was a vacancy when Obama was nine or 10 months away from the election. I’m not surprised, but I am disgusted. I think that’s appalling.”

Democrats will like the results of the next civil war even less than they liked the results of the last civil war. Don’t go there.

  1. The Democrats are evil. They do not want even President Trump. The Senate needs to fill the seat before November 3rd. Even though President Trump will be the President again.

  2. Rioters should be treated accordingly. Arrested immediately and charged with sedition. Bail set at 10 million dollars and incarcerated until they (or Bloomberg) pay their bail. No exception.

  3. Democraps are mad not because McConnell is filling the seat but would not for Obozo. They are mad because with the Court at full strength they won’t be able to cheat Pedo Joe and His Ho in, well His Ho is the one they will be cheating in since as soon as they can they will have Pedo Joe declared unfit. This election is all about gettting a Democrapic Female in the Oval Office. They fear that Republicans will get a woman in first and she will show just how ANTI-Woman Democraps truly are.

  4. Dems are now mobsters, inciting violence. Hope they get a surprise when their antics fail. These are not adults, these are children throwing a tantrum.

  5. Democraps are mad because they know Trump is doing the right thing. They are also mad because if RBG is replaced their plan to get The Ho in office won’t work. See if the Court is Tied on Election Day the House gets to decide which means Democraps get to put the Ho in the White House. Pedo Joe will be declared unfit before he can be sworn in. Trump must fill the seat or Democraps will steal the Election.

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