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Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg Hospitalized…Again

The vultures are circling around Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg again. She’s back in the hospital “for a day or two” Fox reported Tuesday. This time its for a gallstone related infection. Left-leaning progressives are anxious that her health is failing, but Ginsburg assures them she’s just as mean and nasty as ever, and still working from her hospital bed.

Justice Ginsburg down but not out, yet

The 87-year-old liberal justice underwent what’s described as a “non-surgical treatment” for “acute cholecystitis, a benign gallbladder condition.” She won’t be rubbing elbows with the covid-19 infected masses. She’s under good care in Baltimore, at Johns Hopkins Hospital.

It’s a good thing she’s been breaking quarantine to continue her regular work-outs because she had a busy day on Monday. After an oral argument hearing at the court, she headed over to D.C.’s Sibley Memorial Hospital for a round of tests which “confirmed that she had a gallstone blocking her cystic duct, resulting in an infection.”

Over the past year or so the aging justice has been battling flare ups of cancer which have plagued her for years. Ginsburg has been treated repeatedly for colorectal, pancreatic, and lung cancer. The left-leaning progressive matriarch has one thing in her favor. As the saying goes, only the good die young.

She’s still on the bench

She may be in the hospital but Ginsburg’s still on the bench. She’s expected to “participate in the oral argument teleconference tomorrow morning remotely from the hospital,” according to a Supreme Court statement. The case is a crucial one. All of the judges will be appearing by phone so Ginsburg won’t stand out in the crowd.

An eight year battle has been waged by the Little Sisters of the Poor against Barack Obama’s mandate that they provide contraception to nuns. They were being singled out for religious discrimination. “Houses of worship and their integrated auxiliaries were exempt, but the Little Sisters of the Poor did not fall under that bracket.”

Every time she leaves the house, progressives start to panic. If she were to suddenly keel over while Donald Trump remains president, he gets to appoint yet a third conservative justice. Ginsburg is certain she can hang in there for another four years. Some say, there are Deep State plans to keep her alive or substitute a double or a robot if they need to. Others say, it’s already been done.


  1. She needs to resign or be removed from the Supreme Court. She spends MUCH more time in a hospital-bed than she doe’s on the bench. It’s just a fact, she’s too old and frail.

  2. Of course, Justices of the Supreme Court, once consented to by the Senate are promised a lifetime appointment, subject to good behavior. As it currently stands, a Justice can be on the court if they have to be carried in to hear and rule on cases. I’m not even certain that dementia would be grounds for removing them. I think an excellent solution to problems with sickly or mentally challenged Justices might be something on the order of Amendment 25, which applies to presidents, who while duly elected, can be removed for a time if members of his immediate administration proclaim him to be unfit for duty. There is probably no chance to get a buy in from the Democrats until RBG has passed, as they are likely to believe the amendment is aimed directly at getting rid of her. We deserve to have Justices who are mentally capable and whose health allows guaranteed availability in our highest court. In this amendment, the other eight justices could make the decision for removal.

  3. RBG, the nasty, ugly kosher kommunist B!TCH has been EFFING America since she graduated law school, corrupting the law to push her Marxist feminist ideas and rulings on the rest of us that do NOT want her brand of socialism. She has cost the US $MILLIONS in medical care, besides the pay and benefits over the last 25 years in exchange for all of her anti -American activities. It is time for her to get off the bench that she sleeps on. Is anyone crazy enough to think that she can make intelligent decisions?

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