WWJD? Pastors Fight Back Against Unconstitutional Measures

Romanian pastors in Illinois issued a proclamation to Governor J.B. Pritzker saying they’ll be opening up their churches May 10. Current health precautions will be taken. Liberty Counsel is representing them. The governor is dealing with a people who came from Communist Romania, a place that didn’t allow religious freedom. It’s wrong to have other organizations, including those that murder the innocent, open while faith-based needs to remain closed.

Neither the six religious members nor Horatio Mihet will tolerate this

Mihet is chief litigation counsel for Liberty Counsel. All have lived under the heavy Communist flag where people were jailed practicing their religion of choice. Seeing this in the United States may very well have brought on PTSD. These people were free as of December 25, 1989 when Nicolae Ceausescu’s dictatorship was overthrown.

Part of the pastors’ letter reads as follows:

The Romanian-Americans in our congregations have chosen Chicago as their homeland, many of them after fleeing communist oppression that targeted religious gatherings, houses of worship and communal exercise of their religion and faith.

We found a home in Illinois, where the promise of freedom has been consistently and faithfully achieved, until your Executive Order 2020-10 unlawfully required that our churches shut their doors to our congregants, irrespective of any social distancing and health precautions that we are willing and able to implement, while allowing many other non-religious businesses and organization to remain open.

We love our adopted country, and the Freedom we have found here, too much to stay silent as you trample on our God-given rights. In light of our shared experience living behind the Iron Curtain – where discriminatory treatment of Churches by authoritarian governments was the norm – we are determined to do everything that we can to ensure that our beloved country and our State remain the beacons of freedom that brought us here.

We recognize your recent attempt to change course, yet we deem your April 30, 2020 allowance of churches to gather together with only 10 persons or less wholly inadequate. We regard this as further evidence of the arbitrary nature of your orders.

You have allowed supermarkets, liquor stores, hardware stores, abortion clinics and a host of other businesses deemed “essential” to operate without the same limitations. You have singled out churches as not essential, and you have closed our doors even though we are willing and able to implement the same safety measures employed by those that remain open. This is a flagrant violation of the United States Constitution, and the liberties we have risked our lives to be able to enjoy in this once-free Nation.

Our willing compliance with your orders thus far has been voluntary. But this should not be misunderstood as our acquiescence to the improper and unconstitutional authority you have sought to exercise over our worship.

Your orders are in clear violation of our First Amendment rights. The Constitution and the rights enshrined therein are not suspended during a pandemic, and neither is our religion.

Please be advised that, beginning on May 10, 2020, our congregations will resume in-person church gatherings, and we will no longer adhere to the 10-person limit or the other unconstitutional restrictions comprised within your orders. . . .

We recognize that you have limited gatherings with the stated goal of reducing the spread of COVID-19 and protecting medical staff. We share this desire and commit to doing our part in protecting the physical well-being of all those who attend our church services.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we will implement protocols such as those recommended by the CDC.

In the meantime, and until you reverse course, we have authorized our legal counsel to immediately challenge your unconstitutional orders in federal court.

And, irrespective of how long you or the Courts take to vindicate our inalienable and non-negotiable rights, and to return the Constitution from exile in our State, our decision is settled: we will reopen our churches on May 10, 2020. (emphasis in original).

The Romanian pastors let their congregations know what actions have been taken.

Liberty Counsel Matt Staver explained, “Having heard many stories from my Romanian friends about the repression of their religious freedom under Communism, I never would have thought that in America they would experience similar treatment. We are proud to stand with these pastors who understand the importance and value of religious freedom. This shocking discrimination against houses of worship and people of faith must end.”

Mihet added, “I am proud to stand with the Romanian-American community against the unconstitutional, government-imposed conditions and restrictions that discriminate against the church. There is no good reason to prohibit the church from implementing the same social distancing and safety precautions that liquor stores, hardware stores, law firms and accountants are allowed to implement. We must not let our fundamental Constitutional guarantees become another casualty of COVID-19.”

  1. Typical DEMOCRAT GOVERNOR. I hope like heck voters going to the polls in November will remember these power-grabbing hungry democrats that were voted into their position. Let’s send a message and oust each democrat out of every political arena in every state. It’s time WE THE PEOPLE take back our nation.

  2. Now when we have a ruling by the health profession to protect the public, and some think that religious freedom should over rule the actual health ruling or warnings. Now nothing in this USA says that in any way, the Constitution Bill of Rights guarantees that every religion has a right to practice their religion in this USA and the Founders did that on purpose, being they had no problems with persons practicing their religion but had a problem with religion dictating how others live their lives.
    Now the same persons who want teh Church to violate health directives also do not want Muslims practicing their religion in this USA in violation of our constitution which guarantees them that right.

  3. It is quite obvious elected officials threw the constitution out the window. I fully intend to do my part in throwing them out the window. This also gave a pretty clear picture of how little Americans know about their country.

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