Late Dusty Hill Widow Breaks Silence

If you research the bands that popped up when a radio DJ first said the term rock and roll, you’ll find lots of short lived, small bands.. You can hear how a variety of styles came together to form the first sounds. It made some people legends and they go down in history as the music that defined a generation. One such band was ZZ Top that started in 1969 with Billy Gibbons, Dusty Hill and Frank Beard.

Dusty just passed away

Charleen McCrory is Dusty’s widow. August 2 she released a statement on ZZ Top’s Facebook page thanking the fans for the tons of support and love sent.

She explained: “After 19 wonderful years of marriage that ended too soon, I’ve decided to step out into Dusty’s spotlight to thank all of his fans, colleagues and friends for the overwhelming outpouring of love for The Dust. It makes me hopeful he will not be forgotten.”

Dusty just stopped talking

McCrory said, “He woke me up and we talked and as he was sweetly chatting with me he suddenly stopped and he was gone in an instant.” Death can be that quick and silent.

Sirius XM Radio host Eddie Trunk shared a message to fans from Billy Gibbons on Twitter. Dusty would want the band to carry on.

McCrory’s post on ZZ Top’s Facebook page

Was to a legacy of love and great music. “He wasn’t supposed to leave me or all of you. That wasn’t the plan he and I had. The plan was for another round of physical therapy, with a different approach, to help his chronic bursitis. The plan was he would return to the second leg of the tour in September.

Early Wednesday morning my world and yours would lose a great musician and I would lose my greatest love. He woke me up and we talked and as he was sweetly chatting with me he suddenly stopped and he was gone in an instant. So, while I feel numb and lost and alone and in a million pieces, I know he will always be with me in my heart and soul and I will join him when the Lord calls me home to be with them. It is my hope you will always keep him in your hearts. He loved his fans and always remembered that without fans music is not heard. So, know he truly appreciated each and every one of you.

Dusty was an avid tv and movie buff…always quoting lines and so I share an embellished quote from “This Is Us” as my last love letter I send with him to his final resting place.

My Sweet Dusty,

The single most extraordinary thing I have ever done in my life is fall in love with you. The single most extraordinary gift I have ever received in my life was for you to ask me to marry you. I have never been seen so completely, loved so passionately and protected so fiercely.

I will be with you again.
Love you to infinity and back.

Your wife,

I will lay my husband to rest tomorrow. I would ask that you look to the heavens at noon and wish Dusty Godspeed.

With great love, respect and appreciation to Dusty’s fans, colleagues and friends,

Mrs. The Dust”

Indeed, Dusty, Godspeed.

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