Fake Civil Rights Leader Trying to Weasel His Way into Your Pockets, AGAIN

Self described civil rights leader Shaun King is looking for donations to fund a move from his upscale New Jersey home, which he claims is being targeted by individuals seeking to harass him and his family due to a perception that King is living lavishly while publicly devoting himself to speaking about poverty issues. King is encouraging his followers to donate to his wife so that he can relocate and employ permanent security.

Controversial background

Shaun King and his wife bought the New Jersey home less than a year ago. He claimed in a statement that the $842,000 purchase was the fruit of decades of saving and hard work for his wife.

Most Americans would be perfectly happy to see a hard-working family afford their dream home. Unfortunately for Shaun King this situation is a bit different.

King, an early and prominent BLM leader, has had a lengthy history of controversy within his own movement and has often been accused of having selfish motivations.

A fundraiser King arranged in the name of Tamir Rice, who was shot and killed by Cleveland police in 2014, was later revealed to have had no connection to Rice’s mother, who accused King of using her dead son to make a profit.

After this King quickly built himself a career within the nascent BLM movement, which he helped to launch, using the success of his dubious fundraising campaign.

Even within the Black Lives Matter movement and adjacent groups he has always been a controversial leader and a frequent target for criticism.

Former BLM leader seeks donors

Like fellow BLM leader Patrisse Cullors, Shaun King has made some financial decisions which have been distasteful to many BLM supporters, even if they were not outright illegal.

The web of organizations founded by him and his associates have frequently funneled money and jobs to each other so that funds wind up being accessible to King and Cullors.

One organization through which he solicited donations reportedly continued to automatically charge donors every month even after it had supposedly disbanded.

Along with his support for Bernie Sanders this history brought attention to his new home, which was purchased by his wife Rai-Tonicia.

After the upscale house became public knowledge and the story was spread by the media King claims that he and his children began to feel unsafe.

Now he is asking his supporters to fund another move and employ 24/7 security, implying in comments on social media that he fears being murdered if he remains at his home.

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