Democrat Operative Breaks Silence on the Corruption and Disgusting Things That Were Done

Ben Carson did say there was a certain amount of sleaze in government. The challenge is voting people in that will hold to a higher standard. Nine ladies have since aired their problem with the New York Democrat governor. There has to be tremendous pressure to remain silent due to his power. Brittany Commisso revealed that she was “Executive Assistant #1” in a recent report by AG Letitia James.

The Democrat couldn’t stay silent

In the past some government officials have had to take medication, they were going against their gut so bad. Commisso remained anonymous while filing a criminal complaint against Cuomo.

Commisso spoke with CBS’s “This Morning” and the Albany Times Union recently. Snippets were released Sunday.

It’s often a personal reason

Such as going against your gut or hitting somebody in the wallet before a Democrat might need to say something. Commisso told CBS News correspondent Jericka Duncan, “It was the right thing to do. The Governor needs to be held accountable”.

You’re not supposed to charge somebody this powerful with a crime. Duncan clarified if Commisso wanted to do this. “What he did to me was a crime. He broke the law.”

The Democrat spelled it out

Cuomo’s been touching her. She’s in a hostile atmosphere. He began giving her “hugs with kisses on the cheek”. “He touched me not only once, but twice.” She was too afraid to say anything.

Duncan was told, “I didn’t say anything this whole time. People don’t understand that this is the governor of the state of New York. There are troopers that are outside of the mansion and there are some mansion staff. Those troopers that are there — they are not there to protect me. They are there to protect him.”

The Democrat was taken advantage of

Commisso spoke with investigators. Cuomo said a number of things to her. “It’s about time you showed some leg” and “If you were single, the things I would do to you…”

In November Commisso was asked to help Cuomo at the mansion. Straight away she was in trouble. He slammed the door shut and cupped her breast. “I remember thinking to myself who — I knew what just went on, I knew and he knew too that was wrong. And that I in no way, shape or form invited that nor did I ask for it. I didn’t want it. I feel like I was being taken advantage of.” People take things like this “to their grave” but she’d had enough when he denied touching other ladies.

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