Raphael Warnock’s Plan to Neutralize Freedom in Georgia

Georgia Senator Raphael Warnock is working to ensure that Georgia becomes a permanently blue state. The Senator is introducing legislation which would counter state Republican attempts to eliminate future concerns about election interference, legislation which Warnock and other Democrats have described as voter suppression and an arm of a new Jim Crow. Georgia has been the most prominent of a number of states in which voting rules have become contentious.

Georgia voting fight continues

Like a number of other heavily Democratic cities in key swing states Atlanta played a controversial role in the 2020 presidential election.

The extremely narrow results in Georgia meant even minor interference in Atlanta could have swung the statewide results and, potentially, the electoral college.

Republican legislators in Georgia have since sought to enact legislation which would provide solutions to some of the issues which aroused concerns of voter fraud.

Democrats have responded with a massive political and economic campaign against Georgia, which has been accused of working to make it harder for the public to vote.

What much of the country might otherwise consider to be fairly reasonable requirements put in place to ensure that each vote is being cast by a person who is entitled to vote in the state has been obscured by the “voter suppression” label.

Each party is accusing the other of attempting to rig future elections by deciding who can vote and how the votes will be counted in Atlanta and elsewhere.

Democrats aim to secure another blue state

The Preventing Election Subversion Act of 2021 has a name which sounds as if it could have been introduced by either party in this climate.

This bill, introduced by Warnock, is intended to counter GOP sponsored legislation which has inspired the fight against the supposed “voting rights war” in Georgia and elsewhere.

One focus of the Warnock bill is the presence of partisan observers being allowed while votes are being counted, another issue which appeared in several cities in November.

Republican observers would say that they must be allowed to watch how votes are counted in cities which serve as strongholds for Democrats. Warnock and other Democrats view this as harassment of election officials.

As Georgia becomes increasingly dominated by Atlanta and its surrounding sprawl Republicans are the state are anxious about a near future in which they are completely incapable of exercising any oversight over how statewide elections are handled.

Eliminating restrictions which might prevent Atlanta Democrats from arranging victories for their preferred candidates will certainly not hurt Warnock’s reelection chances.

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