Breaking: Arizona Legislature Announcement

There’s a lot of fraud here, possibly more so than any election in history. In Pennsylvania, the votes Biden achieved are mathematically impossible. In the name of power, you’re going to have dirty tricks in important places.

Arizona’s own (Democratic) Secretary of State Kathleen Hobbs certified the election results when people’s backs were turned. The Arizona Legislature is smart to make the announcement of a special session.

The Arizona Legislature is trying to buy time

There were seven states in question. At one point Arizona was taken off that list once procedures were agreed to. What happened once the feds left? The cockroaches came back out, went back to work.

Democratic officials, you may be doing your best to maybe further your political careers. You may only see money and power. But there’s more out there than what you might see.

Some Arizona officials

May need to disappear, just as people who worked with Dominion or Smartmatic. If you’re called into court and don’t show up, there maybe a warrant out for your arrest.

Kyle Becker tweeted, “ARIZONA Breaking News: The Arizona legislature is calling for a *special session* to assess widespread state voting irregularities and to ultimately determine who gets AZ’s 11 electoral votes”.

Arizona clawing back electoral votes

There’s too much fraud to certify! Mark Finchem from District 11 called for the special session. “WE ARE CLAWING OUR ELECTORAL COLLEGE VOTES BACK.” AZ state Rep. Finchem told reporters they hope to have a resolution “within the NEXT 24 TO 48 HOURS.” At stake is 11 electoral college votes. GOP hold the state’s “trifecta” of control. This is *not* a drill.”

Democrats, you DO know all this can backfire in your faces, right? Republicans, you need to be willing to sacrifice your political careers to make sure this election is as fair as possible. Otherwise, we’re changing power by bloodshed. Trump supporters have already died.

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