Big Brother Forces Citizens Against Their Will

Big Brother has ways of forcing citizens to talk, even against their will, or so think. Officials in Rockland County, New York, are issuing subpoenas. They think they can compel people to speak to contact tracers “about a coronavirus outbreak,” simply “because they are not speaking voluntarily.”

Big Brother’s scare tactics

The authorities really can’t make you tell all you know. A subpoena is just a method for “Big Brother” to keep innocent people in jail. They drag you out for questioning, you plead the Fifth Amendment against incriminating yourself, then they throw you back in your cell. They can make your life miserable, but they can’t make you talk. Unfortunately the scare tactic seems to work all by itself as New York residents are learning. Instead of a cell, they’re facing major fines levied daily until they break down and talk.

Rockland County health commissioner Patricia Rupert announced that “subpoenas are being issued to eight people.” The minion of Big Brother is upset at some radical terrorists who “were infected at a recent party in Clarkstown,” which is north of New York City. The anarchists “are refusing to cooperate with contact tracers seeking to interview them.” Worse, they decline to rat out “who else they were in contact with.” Oh my God, liberals scream. These people might spread the Kung Flu!

Health officials are frustrated that New York residents don’t answer the phone. Nobody wants to cooperate “when contact tracers try to talk to them.” Don’t these people realize they are agents of Big Brother? Failure to cooperate can have grave consequences, legal or not. “They hang up, they deny being at the party, even though we have found their name from another party attendee, or a parent provides us with the information.” Some parents lie to protect their children. “”Sometimes parents answer for their adult children and promise that they have been home consistently, when they have not been. This must stop.”

Contact tracing protesters

Even though health officials insist contact tracing is a “key step in slowing the spread of the coronavirus” they haven’t mentioned when they’ll start tracing contacts of everyone who attended a Black Lives Matter protest. Big Brother apparently doesn’t want to know who was breaking social distance restrictions to loot and burn.

Instead, all Big Brother cares about is that “the host of the party in question was symptomatic with coronavirus but held the party anyway.” The health department is going frantic because “at least eight people have been infected.” They need to know, they claim, “if more were exposed.”

Every year the normal flu affects and kills almost as many people as the Kung Flu. The only difference is that now, George Soros is desperate to keep President Donald Trump from being re-elected, even if it means killing half the planet to do it. Big Brother has had enough. “Unfortunately I am now forced by these circumstances to send subpoenas to the individuals who are required to cooperate with us,” Rupert declared. “Failure to comply will be costly: $2,000 per day.”

  1. Now I never Remember that the Republicans thouth it was so bad when thy did the same thing to persons other than white , mainly blacks and brown persons. When this is a national health crisis, not a small crime investigation.

    1. Yes, those who witnessed but refused to talk about those SMALL crimes of rape, arson, and murder should never have been questioned by the police.

  2. I am a lifelong resident of New York State, as well as a lifelong conservative, and one thing I have observed, in my 75 years, about the majority of the residents of this state, both those on the right and the left, is that they are all talk and no action when it comes to standing up for their rights and freedoms. When any leftist leader (governor, mayor, etc) or one of their minions issues a cockamamie edict on anything, people will declare how they will stand against complying, no matter what the cost, but when the rubber meets the road, they are quick to buckle and comply. STAND UP! RESIST! and watch how fast the leftists crumble.

    1. Unless you’re backed by Soros or other rich leftists you might not be able to afford fines of thousands per day.

  3. covid is nothing more than a damn flu and these nut jobs are going crazy over it!! it`s really getting stupid!! stop with the hoax already!!!

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