Mass Exodus as Taxpayers Flee Liberal Cities

The taxpayers in liberal urban centers are waking up and running for their lives. Between the effects of Covid-19 and the rioting anarchists in the streets, city dwellers are escaping to the conservative outlying hills. There’s about to be a mass exodus from the liberal madness burning down progressive urban centers. as fugitive families abandon the New World Order and take their tax dollars with them.

Like 1968 to the taxpayers

Things are looking a lot like 1968 but instead of the riots which rocked the nation then, the destruction this time isn’t as wide-spread. It’s a lot more localized to the shopping districts this time, especially the high end ones. There is one parallel that can be drawn with the end of the radical 60’s though, middle and upper middle class families are going to flee urban centers in a herd stampede.

Not only are urban professionals waking up to the fact that their mayors and city council members side with the violent anarchists that want to loot their shops and raid their homes, they recently learned the advantages of working from home in their underwear. The liberal cities are about to lose their taxpayers, and voters.

Young and mobile families are already starting to realize that when they don’t have a commute to worry about, they have more time for other things, like spending it with family. It works out well for the suits too. Instead of providing office space, they only need to provide reliable software and communications connections. Another thing that covid-19 taught us is that cities are the same plague infested rat warrens they always have been. Disease spreads quickly in densely packed environments.

A generation obsessed with safety

The current generation is reportedly “obsessed” with safety which makes today’s lawlessness and disorder particularly upsetting. Pair that up with what they see from the officials who are supposed to represent their interests. Liberals don’t even notice the taxpayers disconnect when they get in front of TV cameras to casually downplay the property destruction in favor of the rioting mob’s feelings.

The only conclusion that anyone with half a brain can come to is that cities are a lot more dangerous than most people realized. Seattle, Washington, is a perfect example. The blithering idiot of a mayor just handed over six square blocks of her city to Antifa inspired anarchists. Meanwhile, she’s insisting that the police who were chased out of their own station continue providing 911 services inside the occupied territory.

San Francisco, California, actually had the nerve to tell their taxpayers “not to bother the police with actual disputes,” as Washington Times writes. Nancy Pelosi doesn’t mind. She lives behind nice big walls so she doesn’t have to smell the human crap on the sidewalk. You can imagine what will be going through the head of the next young entrepreneur considering opening a new business in someplace like say, Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Looking ahead to after the exodus of taxpayers, the ones who remain behind will be “either the less affluent or the very rich.” As the dichotomy grows, the “relative political strength of the cities will diminish.” As the Times points out, “When democracy devolves to one-party rule, when the ballot box fails to provide remedies, people will vote with their feet.”

  1. This makes me very, very unhappy. These people voted for all these disgusting Dem/Lib/Socialist governments which turned their cities and states into intolerable places to live. Now they will run away from what THEY created, flee to red locations across the nation and then do their damndest to turn them into the same Dem/Lib/Socialist governments from which they fled. I live in a red state that is in danger of turning blue just for this reason. I don’t want them here. Go away—Go back—face what you created and clean it up. Don’t come here and destroy my part of America!

  2. Hmm, they must be fleeing the cities because they’re racist and don’t like blacks.
    After all, it can’t possibly be that Democrat governments are letting people tear the place down and set it on fire while the police can’t stop them….

  3. I don’t blame anyone for leaving these communist lead areas. I have only one thing to say to each of you. You created this in your own state. Don’t think you can come to our neighborhoods and bring the same ideology. This is why the communist dems don’t mind people leaving their control areas. Their hope is that these transplants will establish the same indoctrinated principals else where. WRONG!

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