WATCH: Americans Celebrate President Trump’s Birthday By Showing Massive Support

On Sunday, deplorably nationalist Americans took to the streets and waterways to wish President Donald Trump a Happy Birthday! They appeared everywhere in full force with “caravans, flotillas and parades.” The president’s adopted home state of Florida went all out to show the president how proud they are to stand behind him in this time of one crisis after another.

Happy 74th Birthday!

In Palm Beach County, where the Mar-a-Lago winter White House sits, “separate caravans of trucks, motorcycles and boats were riding along highways and the Intracoastal Waterway at various times in the morning.” Lauren Daniello, Local Chapter President of Trump 2020 wanted to bring out the “land yachts” too. “I’m gonna say 150 (trucks) or so maybe more,” said Daniello. “We had all this going on simultaneously and that’s what really makes it amazing.”

Retired folks in The Villages, described as a “republican-friendly retirement community northwest of Orlando where golf carts are the vehicles of choice,” they held a “golf-cart parade in honor of the president,” who just turned 74.

Upstaging the land events, “pro-Trump flotillas also were planned for Fort Lauderdale, Miami, the Florida Keys, Tampa, Pensacola and Jacksonville.” In Jupiter, Florida, a Trump Navy of boats “gathered at the inlet before heading south along the intracoastal to Mar-A-Lago.”

President Trump spent Saturday addressing the graduates at West Point. He couldn’t help mentioning the coincidence of dates. Trump’s birthday coincides with that of the U.S. Army, founded 245 years ago on June 14. “Unrelated, going to be my birthday also. I don’t know if that happened by accident. Did that happen by accident, please? But it’s a great day because of that Army birthday.”


A family celebration

President Trump’s family expressed their birthday wishes on his favorite social media platform. Daughter Ivanka Trump “shared a picture of her father holding her as a child and partially captioned the image posted Sunday: ‘Love you!'” Son Eric Trump shared a montage of four photos with the caption, “Happy Birthday Dad! We love you very much!”

Fans of President Donald Trump couldn’t wait to send his campaign checks for his birthday. Both the RNC and the Trump campaign “posted their largest online fundraising day ever on Sunday, bringing in $14 million across three entities on the president’s birthday — smashing their previous online fundraising record of $10 million on Oct. 19, 2016.”

Thousands of people turned out across Florida to celebrate the president’s birthday. Bobi Kreumberg relates, “it’s so encouraging to see so many people just coming together in a spontaneous pray to patriotism.” Randy Lundi was thrilled with the air show. “We had paratroopers just now jump with an Air Force jet, we had flybys with an Air Force jet.”

“I don’t think any president has ever been so well loved,” said Kreumberg. “Yeah he’s a president of controversy we know that but that’s why people love him and are faithful to him. When you see groups like this come together you know he’s appreciated.”


  1. It’s great to see this! All the backstabbing, lies, half truths, personal attacks, and threats to him and his family and the man is still fighting for our country! Now somethings I don’t agree with our President, but those are few! I think he’s done a unbelievable job considering the crap he’s put up with. Why he had to put up with a coup backed by Muslim communist Obama which was helped by the Some in the FBI, the CIA, the DOJ, the NSA, the Democrats, Soros, Biden the loser, and the totally corrupt Hillary! No president, our First Lady, and their family has ever been attacked like the Trumps have! A disgustingly vile gang of haters are the left! Scum, that you could never find any lower then the left! Happy Birthday to President Trump, and to the greatest country ever the United States of America!!!!!! Nuff said!

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