Poll Confirms America is Behind Trump and Doesn’t Trust Sleepy Joe

According to the most recent numbers, the voting public can’t trust Joe Biden to handle America’s finances. They love the way President Donald Trump handles our economy a lot more than the way sleepy, creepy, Joe Biden does it. Democrats are terrified that Trump is about to become “the face of an economic recovery.” The president dared to do the unthinkable and actually re-open the country.

America has trust in President Donald Trump

The Democrats are up against a powerful public image that they can’t seem to crack with dynamite. America has trust in President Donald Trump, especially when it comes to handling the economy. The public got so sick of the previous administrations “shovel ready” jobs that they told them where they could stick their spade.

Trying to play catch up, Biden has locked himself in his basement until he comes up with a plan of his own. His “large-scale” fantasy is expected to be unveiled “in the coming weeks,” long after the economy starts the reboot process under the president’s command. According to the Reuters/Ipsos poll, Trump has “a 42% to 34% lead over Biden in terms of which candidate was trusted more on the economy.”

Democrats keep floating little trial balloons of ideas their focus groups are coming up with and “watching closely to see if his message matches the moment.” One of the ideas is he promises to resume funding for Hamas terrorists. Biden’s financial supporters are frantically trying to get Joe to ramp up some kind of criticism to Trump’s response to the pandemic. They’re waiting for Biden to “show leadership for moving forward,” but Joe’s still trying to get the stink of Tara Reade off his fingers and his crack-head son is an anchor dragging him down.

Do the proper thing, stay in the basement

Biden insists on his virtual events hosted from home that he “stayed in his basement and did the proper thing.” You can trust him, he asserts, nobody even had to use the spray bottle for weeks now. His donors who are expecting to someday see a return on their investment aren’t happy about it.


They insist Biden “should be out in communities across the country demonstrating how to reopen businesses while following public health guidance.” The progressive was afraid to give his name and has no idea how businesses can actually open when the guidance is to close down and go out of business completely. The “leading Democrat in Michigan’s Macomb County” wants to hear instructions from Biden. “He needs to show what life is going to be like and how we are going to do it.” He is. He’s catering to Bernie supporters and living in his own basement.

If Joe Biden has his way, the country will never reopen. Biden “has preached caution, endorsing a phased re-opening approach but saying this week the country could not fully revert until there is a vaccine,” Reuters notes. We may not have a vaccine for years, experts advise.

The big progressive strategy, handed down by Darth Soros himself, is that “Democrats should amplify concerns about whether unemployed workers and small businesses have been given enough help.” Michigan Democrat Vaughn Derderian gets infuriated any time someone mentions Ayn Rand because his plan is exactly like the one described by her character John Gault. When he said that the moochers and looters want to level the playing field with the producers, by reducing it all to zero. That’s the same as death. Nothing moving. “It’s not that we don’t want to reopen the economy,” Derderian insists. “We don’t know what it means to reopen the economy safely.” Democrats want you to trust them.

  1. If that is true, why is everyone claiming President Trump is behind in the voting poles? I trust polls about as far as I can throw them.

  2. How can I as Military retired Veteran Trust any poll about anything thing when the Fake News Media and Mobs of looters & destroyers of other people property and business worship a Criminal and want to destroy our Republic

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