Pompeo Drops the Mic on China

On Wednesday, United States Secretary of State Mike Pompeo dropped the mic on China by declaring that Hong Kong has lost its “autonomy and freedoms” from the Communist country. Recently, China declared that its National People’s Congress (NPC) would begin to reexamine legislation that would criminalize anti-Communist groups and movements in Hong Kong. Citizens in Hong Kong, especially those from China, fear the ability of the Chinese government to prosecute individuals that criticize the Communists.

Pompeo issued a statement that read, “Beijing’s disastrous decision is only the latest in a series of actions that fundamentally undermine Hong Kong’s autonomy and freedoms and China’s own promises to the Hong Kong people under the Sino-British Joint Declaration, a U.N.-filed international treaty.”

Last week, China passed a resolution that would impose a national security law on Hong Kong. As part of this resolution, the Chinese government would consider it a criminal act if any Hong Kong individual undermines the Communist government. Also, the law would allow Chinese law authorities to be instituted in Hong Kong. Over the last few years, demonstrators in Hong Kong have visibly protested Chinese intervention in their land. These actions upset the Communists, and they are now responding.

In 1997, Britain, which was then controlling Hong Kong, gave this region to China, but with stipulations. The ‘Basic Law’ was established that included the “one country, two systems” principle. As part of the Hong Kong system, citizens would have an independent judiciary system and freedom of speech rights. The Chinese new national security law seeks to destroy Hong Kong’s system.

Not only did the United States condemn China’s actions, but so did Australia, Canada, and the United Kingdom. President Donald Trump stated he was “displeased” with the Communists’ national security law.

White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany relayed Trump’s displeasure, “He’s displeased with China’s efforts and … it’s hard to see how Hong Kong can remain a financial hub if China takes over”

China to Attack Taiwan?

China’s desire to control surrounding nations has quickened. Not only are they determined to put Hong Kong under their control, the Communists are now threatening the island of Taiwan, which is still officially part of the Republic of China.

Taiwan has recently denounced China’s multiple missile tests near the island. The Taiwanese government has also rejected China’s offer of a ‘one country, two systems’ model of a high degree of autonomy, according to the Daily Mail. On top of that, the Chinese government fears that the Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen desires his country to become independent of China.

Li Zuocheng, chief China’s Joint Staff Department recently said, “If the possibility for peaceful reunification is lost, the people’s armed forces will, with the whole nation, including the people of Taiwan, take all necessary steps to resolutely smash any separatist plots or actions.”

Make no mistake about it. The Communist Chinese government is hell-bent on control of the Asian region. Not only are they focused on Hong Kong, but Taiwan is on their radar. Expect President Trump to continue his hard line stance against China’s actions.  

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