Police Commissioner Bans Contact with BLM…Organization Quickly Crumbling Globally

BLM can’t crumble fast enough. UK’s police commissioner appears to be Trump’s influence across the pond. Hopefully he won’t get thrown out like Trump was. He got the same reaction Democrats gave Trump when he said and did things that made total sense to Americans but went against the liberal grain. If you don’t support law enforcement then BLM can hang out at YOUR house.

BLM has no place anywhere

If you don’t have law and order, it’s time to pull out the weapons and not be afraid to use them because you’re going to need self defense. Conservative Rupert Matthews was elected to be the new Police and Crime Commissioner for Leicester and Rutland May 2021.

Straight away he said we’re not meeting with somebody that wants us neutered. There’s no negotiating here. The agenda included a meeting with Black Lives Matter. “Hang on. Why are we meeting an organisation that wants to defund the police, has put police officers in hospital, and desecrated the cenotaph in London?” he said.

BLM is terrorism

And there’s no negotiating with that. The virtual meeting had about a dozen people. Mr. Matthews resumed, “I have a dozen or so faces looking at me from the Teams screen. ‘Any Other Business’. ‘Yes,’ I say. ‘As of now this organisation will have absolutely no contact at all with Black Lives Matter.’ There is a deathly silence. Meeting over, the screen goes blank.”

The PCC office explained that only those who work at the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner were off limits to BLM. It doesn’t apply others, such as the office of Simon Cole, the Leicestershire Police Chief Constable.

BLM is destruction

The only people who would want that are those that want power because that’s a war time tactic. Among the memorials vandalized last summer were the Whitehall war memorial, the Cenotaph and the statue of Sir Winston Churchill in the Parliament Square.

If you’re going to be enforcing the law, you stab yourself and fellow officers in the back by virtue signaling that you believe in their cause. Chief Constable Stephen Watson of the Greater Manchester Police put it well: “I do not think that things like taking the knee, demonstrating that you have a commonality of view with the protesters that you’re policing is compatible with the standards of service that people require of their police. Officers could put themselves in a difficult place because if you demonstrate you’re not impartial, and you then have to make an arrest, how on earth do you assist the courts to come to just judgement as to you having executed your powers of arrest in an appropriately impartial professional manner?”


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