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Joint Chief Blames ‘White Rage’…Ignores Antifa and Blm

The chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Army General and former Green Beret Mark Milley, endorsed critical race theory in a House Armed Services Committee hearing. Milley proudly added that he reads Communist literature and that he is seeking to understand “white rage.” Milley is only the latest of several top officers in the United States Military to endorse the Marxist critical race theory, which is reportedly being pushed on soldiers and sailors at an unprecedented level in 2021.

Top general complains about “white rage”

Hard as it may be to believe that a former Green Beret who was appointed to his current position by President Trump actually shares the ideology of the average leftist college professor, Milley claims to be devoted to his new masters.

Critical race theory, a communist belief which espouses radical anti-white ideas, was also defended before Congress by Admiral Michael Gilday, who encouraged sailors to read CRT inspired propaganda.

Both of these men have spent most of their adult lives in the United States military. Historically, “white rage” has served this institution rather well in times of war.

Under leaders like Milley and Gilday the severely outdated idea that the purpose of a military is to win wars has finally been abandoned and replaced with modern priorities.

For the Biden Administration the most dangerous enemies are within the United States. The Pentagon and White House are hard at work with a massive purge which is intended to completely reshape the military and ensure future loyalty to the regime.

Milley and Gilday have wisely declared their loyalty to the new order and are evidently ready to take an active role in the Biden Administration plans for the military.

Military leaders embrace Marxist beliefs

White Christian men have made up the vast majority of the United States Army and Navy for their entire history. In addition to showing ingratitude and contempt for their sacrifices, the Pentagon is now working to ensure that this is never the case again.

The Department of Defense has repeatedly stressed over the last six months that straight white men are no longer welcome unless they are willing to wholeheartedly embrace leftist doctrine.

The White House has indicated that the priority for the armed forces under the current administration will be the suppression of domestic dissent.

Individuals who hold beliefs which were almost universally accepted at the start of the current century are now liable to be identified as domestic terrorists by their government.

While Antifa and BLM are encouraged in their campaigns of terror against normal Americans and receive real support from the most powerful institutions in America, resistance to their agenda is described as extremism by leaders like General Milley.

Mark Milley wants to “understand white rage” and understand why anyone might be against the Marxist doctrines he has endorsed. A neutral observer might question why there is not infinitely more “white rage” appearing in response to such a radical regime.

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