Known Liar Alexander Vindman has Another Sob Story to Peddle

The left wing extremism espoused recently by General Mark Milley, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, is finding support from Alexander Vindman. Vindman, a former Lt. Colonel, played a key role with his brother in attempting to oust President Trump through  the Ukraine investigation in 2019. Milley appeared before Congress and defended the anti-white and Marxist critical race theory teachings being embraced currently by the Pentagon.

Vindman defends Communist CRT

Alexander Vindman was born in Ukraine, which was then a part of the Soviet Union. While he has spent most of his life in the United States, Vindman apparently recalls his roots in a number of ways.

Publicly, Vindman spent much of his time in the Army building a reputation as an expert on Ukrainian affairs, finally reaching a position from which he could play a major role in the campaign against President Trump.

Privately, Vindman seems to have never forgotten some of the ideals of his Soviet motherland. Critical race theory is firmly rooted in Marxism and other ideologies of the extremist left.

Mark Milley may have unconsciously revealed something of this in his appearance in Congress. The general, in defending critical race theory, explained that has also reads Mao, Marx, and Lenin.

While Milley was appointed to his current position by President Trump and has since shown a spectacular ability to pander to whoever is in power, Vindman has been a very vocal opponent of Trump.

He even campaigned for the Lincoln Project in an attempt to convince Republicans to vote for Biden. The Lincoln Project in general failed spectacularly in this regard.

Former officer still active leftist

While the details of the convoluted Ukraine investigation are unimportant, Vindman showed a great willingness to feed ammunition to Democrats opposing President Trump.

Despite being so overtly political, the Lt. Col. was very upset by the fact that he was not promoted to Colonel, as were his Democrat allies.

While the Trump Administration stated that the political activities of Vindman had nothing to do with his being denied promotion, it would hardly be shocking if they did.

He now considers himself and Milley to be men “of honor.” While Vindman at least can convincingly claim to have always been a loyal Marxist, Milley himself has displayed a shocking lack of honor.

The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs is, like many of his colleagues, determined to do whatever is necessary to ingratiate himself to the new American regime.

While Vindman is now retired, his loyal service is certain to bring him many rewards in the years to come as his allies solidify their power.

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