Here is Kamala Harris Saying America Should Welcome Caravan of Illegal Aliens

Now that Kamala Harris is getting her chance at President, it’s time to remind everyone just how happy she was to welcome endless caravan hordes of illegal Central Americans last year. As fast as Donald Trump rounds up MS-13 gang bangers, Harris wants to import them back in. They’ll probably each get a new machete in their Welcome to USA starter pack.

A caravan full of welfare cases

With all the Kung-Flu madness raging this year, everyone forgot all about the illegal aliens hiding in the shadows. Not a single word has been mentioned about all the poor, helpless illegals dying for lack of test-kits and stimulus checks. All of the Open Societies Foundation funded caravans disappeared.

Now that Kamala Harris has been named as Joe Biden’s token Black, a video surfaced of her welcoming thousands of illegal aliens without enough money to buy their own groceries, and insulting President Donald Trump in the process. As one invading caravan after another streamed northward, Harris insisted we must be “welcoming” and “tolerant.”

As one huge caravan prepared to invade our southern border, President Trump insisted “not everyone traveling in the crowd of, at one point, 7,000 people were good and/or well-intended.” Considering that they “showed a clear disregard for our nation’s laws,” and “had no intention of coming into the country legally,” they had no right to be here. It only goes to show which side of anarchy she stands on.

Kiss borders and police goodbye, welcome to anarchy

If Joe Biden wins in November, you can kiss the rule of law goodbye. Harris will be in charge as soon as Joe has some “unforeseen” medical emergency. Black Lives Matter will be placed in charge of security while they figure out how much to pass out in reparations. Meanwhile they’ll invite flaming liberal Roger Waters in to tear down Trump’s wall with a benefit concert for Antifa. Kamala will bring the weed. The caravan route will be open again before you know it.

President Trump, on the other hand, already clearly showed how to properly deal with the situation. “To those in the Caravan, turnaround, we are not letting people into the United States illegally. Go back to your Country and if you want, apply for citizenship like millions of others are doing!”

Nobody in the crowd had the ability to support themselves yet they all had modern cell phones. Caravan migrant Lenin Herrera Batres “complained about how long he would have to wait until his request for asylum was heard.” He couldn’t afford living in Tijuana. He was waiting for Barack Obama’s red carpet to roll out and set him up in style like all his relatives before him.

  1. No when some have a knack for twisting any thing that others side says for no other reason than to try to make the other party of person look bad. Now the fact is that we should have welcomed the caravans and processed them as the law passed by Congress with both Republican’s and Democrats voting in favor of the law and a President signing it into law, now look at the USA a Country of Immigrants doing every thing that the President can to make them unwelcome even with those applying legally cutting the numbers to unheard of lows, and mainly in other than white immigrants. Now my question is why are the illegals are treated entirely different who are white coming across the Canadian border, booked and 3 days later released.

    1. that seems like a racist comment.. Taxpayers do not want no skin color coming here to make taxes go higher to feed and keep these people.. Especially when there is no war in their country..No one should come here in USA and expect everything free.. Other countries really have better education than USA now.. those people had money or some one giving them money.. refugees do not wear nike shoes ,have cell phones and internet.

    2. Because many such cases from over the Canadian border comes as one or a handful of persons coming as lost hikers or teenaged pranksters and nothing else.

  2. What I don’t understand is, if America is such an irredeemably racist nation that it has to have Antifa and BLM burning out Chicago, Minneapolis, Seattle, and other cities, why wouldn’t the progressives be calling out loud and clear for the organizers of the caravans to be arrested for human trafficking? After all, if America is as they say it is, those migrants are fated to remain at the bottom of the social heap in a country that will always hate them and their offspring, condemned to do the dirtiest menial jobs cheaply.

  3. How tolerant are the Progressive far left Marxists Democrats. I believe we should have secure borders. I am called a racist. I don’t believe in Medicare for all, including Illegals or eliminating private health insurance. That supposedly makes me some sort racist xenophobe. I support the 2nd amendment and that makes me a terrorist.I believe in God, so I am anti scientific. I think late-term abortions are murder of human babies. That makes me indifferent to a woman’s health. I could go on but why? After all they are hateful, anti-scientific (58 genders, men can have babies and menstruate, babies growing in the womb are clumps of cells like a tumor or parasite). I abhor cancel culture. I am not guilty for the sins of my ancestors or my relatives. Being in law enforcement is not a crime. Paying reparations to people who were never slaves by individuals who never owned slaves is stupid. Rioting, looting, violence and destruction is not a peaceful protest, it is not to get bread on the table of starving children, that is a lie. People who want to fundamentally transform the greatest, most diverse, charitable nation on earth need to go to countries who already practice their idea of Marxism and live happily ever after. Better yet fix Venezuela, Somalia, or the Congo, but don’t mess with America.

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