Another Failed Investigation of Trump

The Securities and Exchange Commission is already investigating former President Donald Trump’s newest venture, a planned social media company which is intended to compensate for his ban from Twitter and Facebook. The brand new company is already being investigated by federal regulators in an apparent response to a request from Democrat Elizabeth Warren. The new platform is meant to launch before the 2022 midterm election.

Trump social media platform investigated

There has been constant talk of Trump creating an alternative social media platform since his infamous ban from Twitter and Facebook in January.

The creation of a new platform has the potential to be both a lucrative business opportunity and an important step for Trump’s continued political career.

The fact that the company has announced that it intends to launch the platform before the 2022 election implies that the campaigning opportunity is one of the major motivations for the platform’s creation.

This may or may not imply something about Trump’s decision to run in 2024 but it certainly is important for providing a potential candidate Trump with an alternative method for communicating directly with supporters.

Warren and other Democrats have hoped that the project can be preemptively scuttled in part due to the fact that it is pretty explicitly meant to play a political role.

This angle is unlikely to succeed given that the courts have already decided that other social media platforms were not violating the law in intervening against Trump during the 2020 election.

Democrats aim to preemptively shut down new company

Still, there is no shortage of people who would like to make sure that Trump’s attempt at creating competition for the major platforms is unable to go anywhere.

The SEC investigation will reportedly focus more on the specifics of a merger which created the platform, rather than being an explicitly political matter.

Still, with prominent Democrats calling for an investigation it is hard to deny that there is significant political pressure on the SEC to find something to hit the company with.

The fact that even a former president is struggling to launch a social media competitor highlights the extent to which a monopoly has shut out alternatives to the major platforms.

Technically anyone banned from the existing social media platforms is allowed to create an alternative if they have the means but as examples have shown, it can be made extremely difficult in practice.

Democrats and big tech are unlikely to give up any time soon on calling in every ally they can find to shut down the new Trump platform before it can be put to use to promote future campaigns.

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