Trump’s Endorsement Pushed Him Over the Edge

An endorsement from former President Donald Trump has secured a primary victory for Ohio Republican Mike Carey in his attempt to win a seat in the House of Representatives. The primary featured multiple candidates who could boast prominent endorsements from high ranking Republicans and a victory for the Trump endorsed candidate is thought to be reflection of the extent to which the former President still holds power over the party.

Trump endorsement decides Ohio race

Coal industry lobbyist Mike Carey is running to replace Republican Representative Steve Stivers, who resigned his seat in Ohio’s 15th district in May to lead the Ohio Chamber of Commerce.

The district leans heavily Republican and the primary was likely the important contest in the race, making the results of the endorsement a good indicator for the level of support for Trump in the area.

Carey ultimately won with only 37% of the votes cast, though in a field of 11 Republican candidates that percentage was enough to give him a comfortable victory.

In the general election he will face state Representative Allison Russo, a Democrat who is unlikely to win in spite of an extensive fundraising operation.

Stivers, the former incumbent, had endorsed another Republican candidate. Senator Rand Paul, typically an ally of Trump, had endorsed yet another Republican in the crowded primary.

Trump was evidently pleased by the victory, congratulating Carey and his family in an email sent to supporters.

A sign of things to come?

The endorsement aided Carey in spite of the fact that Trump himself never campaigned in person for the candidate, though he invited him to the stage during a rally elsewhere in the state.

Polling shows that Donald Trump remains the overwhelming favorite of the potential 2024 presidential candidates among Republican voters.

Trump himself has all but confirmed that he will be running again, ending months of speculation recently by stating publicly that he has made a decision.

The once and potentially future president will be eagerly examining the results of congressional races like Carey’s in which he has given a candidate his endorsement.

How much can actually be gathered from these results for those looking to 2024 is somewhat questionable; only 12% of registered voters in the district showed up to the polls.

A more reliable test for Trump will undoubtedly come in primaries for the 2022 midterm election, where he will be able to evaluate the results of a large number of races featuring a Trump endorsement.

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