They Found This Couple Stone Dead at Their Table, What Was Right Next to Them Will…

According to Daily Mail, 28-year-old Cameron Hulet and 20-year-old Courtney Hulet were discovered dead in their home in Dundee, Michigan. 

Apparently a neighbor had seen the married couple laying on their living room floor and hadn’t thought much of the situation.

When she heard moans, she assumed the pair had fallen asleep and chose to close the front door to their home, which they would leave open habitually. 

It was only after returning hours later and discovering the couple in the same position that she decided to call the police.

According to police, Cameron was discovered laying on his side while his wife was laying face-down.

Additionally, a bag of food from Taco Bell and a pound of marijuana was found on the kitchen table.

Now, officials believe that the marijuana may have played a part in the couples’ death.

The Dundee police chief shared that the pound of marijuana appeared as if the couple were planning to divide it up for distribution.

Neither body showed signs of trauma, nor was there any signs that a third person was involved in their deaths.

Police removed two young children from the home, who are now in foster care.

Apparently the couple had only been living in the Dundee area for six weeks, as they were known to have frequently moved to various areas over the years.

Cameron had a previous criminal history that dated back 10 years, which included possession of marijuana.



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