The Slippery Slope the MSM and Democrats Call ‘Reparations’

Your reparations won’t end with your money or your land. Reparations is about dismantling your national identity, way of life, and any pride you have left. Just as they’ve come for the monuments and statues, the left and the media are coming for the National Parks. The Atlantic has published a piece by author David Treuer which espouses the popularly held left wing view that the National Parks must be taken as reparations and given to American Indian tribes.

Parks which were National

There is nothing shocking really about the demand that the National Parks be dismantled and handed over; given everything else they’ve taken from the American people, the loss of Yellowstone and Yosemite is only a logical next step.

The Atlantic piece does not dive into the subject of how these enormous and expensive formerly National Parks would be maintained by the tribes which would be poised to acquire them as reparations.

Why should it? Of course the American people would, in this scenario, continue to pay for the parks which no longer belong to them. Everyone can safely rely on the American taxpayer to be forced to cough up what’s needed.

Many conservatives will scoff at the idea of National Parks being taken as reparations and point out these practical concerns, assuming that it could never make it through the red tape and committees with so many funding problems.

There is no reason for such optimism in the year 2021. Democrats and the media who would embrace this idea would not do so with any interest in actually changing how these parks are operated and administrated.

The topic which Treuer is interested in is not park funding and administration, it is strictly an issue of ownership. This is why this form of reparations could happen and why they would be interested in it in the first place.

Infinite reparations

National Park reparations would overtly change almost nothing about park operations. Tourists would still flock to these parks and they would still be encouraged to do so and to spend abundantly in the process.

The only change brought about would be the title and ownership of the parks which would no longer be “National.” It is purely a matter of insulting the rest of the country and reminding them that they really have no right to anything at all in the current year.

The entire debate over reparations in America should, in fact, be reduced to this issue of insulting and humiliating normal Americans. This country already pays reparations of all kinds in all but name and has for decades now.

Forcing us to pay more is only a bonus for Democrats now calling for formal reparations. The real victory would be in reminding Americans that they must hate their ancestors and the country they built.

The realistic outcome, and what David Treuer no doubt wants, is a settlement wherein you continue to pay for the not National Parks and are compensated by being reminded when you visit that you do not belong in them or on the continent as a whole.

The slippery slope of reparations politics has no conceivable end in sight. If Democrats and the media really decide that they want to give away the National Parks we can rest assured that they will find a way.

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