Here is Your Latest Democrat Lawmaker Breaking Their Own ‘Rules’

“I felt like a selfie”. Well Mr. Liias, America “feels like” doing a lot more than taking a picture of themselves for social media. We have better things to do then that, like getting back to work and school without those mask restrictions. Another Democrat my find favor with you by acting like this but not by your voters who can and will push back. You might get the paycheck but maybe not the power.

Democrat lock step

Democrat Marko Liias thought masks and vaccinations were “reasonable requirements” for people. Then don’t be caught taking your mask off, even for a minute, unless you’re eating or drinking. Not even for a selfie.

Liias was at a University of Washington football game this past weekend. He supports the mandates in the Husky stadium he was in.

Democrat double speak

He said those who don’t vaccinate and mask up are villains. That puts you in an awkward position, Senator. Or is it ok since you’re one of our “elected” leaders and paid more than we are?

You probably know the COVID numbers are all cooked but you have to say certain things anyway to avoid having the press come down on you. Liias tweeted out, “Tyranny would be a government that let its people die from a preventable illness — not one that is doing everything it can to save lives and stop a deadly disease.”


The Democrat mantra has people calling those who refuse vaccines and masks murderers. The Democrats consider COVID so bad that a vacuous selfie isn’t permitted. That mask shouldn’t be removed til there are less people around you.

What if you’ve recovered from COVID and have better antibodies than any shot could provide? Doesn’t matter. Get the shot, wear the mask. Don’t lecture us about not caring about friends and family, Senator. Liias tweeted this past summer, “I’m gonna keep wearing them over my beard in this hot summer weather because I love my family, friends and neighbors that much,” He also later said, “When the history of our time is written, those that took decisive action to save lives and reduce suffering will be the heroes. Wearing a mask and getting vaccinated are reasonable requirements in the face of a preventable and dreadful disease.”

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