Freshmen Republican Breaks from Party, Falls in Line With The Radical Left

Freshman GOP Representative Nancy Mace, of South Carolina, joined the Democrats to vote for the removal of statues targeted by the left. States can contribute two statues of significant individuals from their history to the Capitol. The statues are to represent figures “illustrious for their historic renown or for distinguished civic or military services.” Democrats and some Republicans are attempting to replace many of these statues with more politically correct alternatives.

Statues of southerners to be purged

Nancy Mace was the only South Carolina Republican to vote for the bill, which would remove both of the statues representing the state currently, those of Wade Hampton and John C. Calhoun.

Calhoun was one of the most significant political leaders in American history; along with Daniel Webster and Henry Clay he had a dominant role in guiding American politics during the formative years of the early 19th century.

Other statues to be removed include those of Alexander Stephens, Vice President of the Confederacy, and Crawford Long, who revolutionized medicine with his use of anesthesia in surgeries. The two men, both from Georgia, were roommates in college and now stand together in the Capitol.

Crawford Long, whose contributions to science have saved untold millions, is set to be removed by Nancy Mace and her colleagues purely because he was a southerner born prior to the Civil War.

Democrat and Republican politicians in Congress who have never accomplished anything of note, let alone saved millions of lives or shaped American history, believe that these great men must be condemned in 2021 to appease BLM and corporate donors.

While the erasure of individuals who fought in the Civil War would be bad enough, Mace is supporting a bill which would remove memorials dedicated to anyone accused of being a “white supremacist” by the left.


Republicans join leftist attack on American history

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy was among the other Republicans who embraced the bill advanced by House Democrats. In a painfully typical display of spinelessness from GOP leadership, McCarthy justified his vote by attempting to place himself further to the left than the Democrats.

According to McCarthy, removing statues of great Americans who are accused of racism is fine because they were all probably “of Democrats.” Even if this were true, does Crawford Long deserve to be condemned for how he voted 150 years ago when he was not saving countless lives?

The truth is that McCarthy and Mace are, like most Republicans in 2021, terrified more than anything of being called racist by leftists who will call them racist anyway, regardless of how often they express their contempt for American history.

Because these Republican members have endorsed legislation that supports the removal of anyone currently identified as a “white supremacist” by the left, we can assume that they will soon be supporting the removal of monuments dedicated to the Founding Fathers.

If Roger Taney, John Calhoun, and Crawford Long are to be condemned and removed exclusively because they are considered racist then what excuse could Mace and the other Republicans possibly have for not agreeing to attack George Washington and Thomas Jefferson, who owned slaves?

Republicans like Nancy Mace and Kevin McCarthy are either hypocrites or idiots if they are not planning to be condemning the Founding Fathers within a year or two. Either way, Democrats know now that when they come for Washington, Jefferson, and Madison they will face little opposition from this GOP.

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