Deadly Beach Pier Gun Battle

Gun battles are becoming the latest rage these days. In liberal Redondo Beach, California, where only criminals carry guns, a local anarchist decided to pop a few caps at someone at the pier who cheesed him off. The police actually did something about it this time. They killed the guy and saved taxpayers the cost of his trial.

Shootout at Horseshoe Pier

Redondo Beach Pier and its parking garages reopened just before noon Thursday. Everything had been closed while authorities performed their investigation.

Two victims were shot and the suspect was gunned down by police Wednesday night, August 25, after the gunman opened fire at innocent bystanders in an apparently random attack. “A semi-automatic handgun and a knife were recovered at the scene.”

A little after 8:15 p.m., so many panic stricken 911 calls started flooding in that the Redondo Beach Police Department thought they better send someone out.

The callers kept going on and on about an active shooter in the Horseshoe Pier section. The “bystanders ran for cover and nearby businesses were told to shelter in place.”

When officers first arrived at the pier, “the suspect who was armed with a semi-automatic handgun and a large knife, ran toward a nearby rock embankment.” They ran after him.

“As officers tried to take the suspect into custody, an officer-involved shooting took place, which ultimately killed the suspect.” Once they had that under control, they discovered “a teenage boy was shot in the lower torso and a man was shot in the upper torso.”

Victims are stable

Police packed the victims up in an ambulance. As of Thursday, both were listed in stable condition and expected to live. One of the pier victims is described as “an approximately 40- to 45-year-old man.” The other “was teenage boy,”

Lt. Brandon Dean with the Sheriff’s department confirms. The victims were apparently related. To each other but not to the shooter. Police “did not disclose their relationship.”

The name of the guy who shot up the pier hasn’t been released yet but he’s been “identified as a man in his mid-30s.” Just because the suspect is dead is no excuse to avoid a murder investigation.

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department Homicide Bureau is providing an assist. It “does not appear that the assailant and the victims knew each other.”

“The victims were on the pier and appears the suspect just happened to be walking by, and that’s when the suspect retrieved a semi-automatic handgun and started shooting indiscriminately at people.”

Witnesses say, “whoever was going by, he was taking pop shots at them.” One notes, “he just missed me,” noting his ears were still ringing hours later.

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