Lopsided Situation Unfolds in California and It’s Not Good for Police Officers

A totally lopsided situation is unfolding in uber-liberal California. Police officers are furious. It’s only a matter of time before they abandon the Golden State to the anarchists altogether. If they can’t even do their job, why bother? The practical effect of the latest madness is that law enforcement will no longer be allowed to apprehend a Black person for any reason whatsoever. Total blanket immunity for anyone of “color.” Whitey better get his honky a$$ out of LA quick.

Police handcuffed by liberals

On Wednesday, Los Angeles County District Attorney George Gascón, in his infinite wisdom, decided that the rulings of “justified” which came back regarding some fatal shootings by police officers simply aren’t acceptable to the colorful community.

To do something about it, he’s forming an “independent” panel to “re-examine” the incidents until the outcomes are reversed. From now on in it seems, no Black person will be charged with anything ever again.

The Factual Analysis Citizen Consulting Team has 16 slots to fill. One will be “a former LAPD commissioner.” The other 15 are flaming liberals including “a senior staffer with the American Civil Liberties Union of Southern California, and an organizer from Black Lives Matter™’s L.A. chapter.”

Rounding out the panel will be “civil rights lawyers, academics, and ‘constitutional police practices experts'” No, the deck isn’t stacked to one side, Gascón insists.

Officers out on the street are telling them where to stick it. “Significant concerns have been raised by law enforcement officials,” Gascón whines. But, not the ones you would expect.

Law enforcement bigwigs are siding with the “civil rights attorneys, activists and others regarding the handling of numerous police use-of-force cases.” The beat cops are disgusted. “In order to restore trust and move forward as a community, I am convening this group to thoroughly review the evidence and make recommendations on cases that we may need to examine more closely.”

Findings and additional evidence

The panel of inquisitors are tasked with identifying and prioritizing the police shooting cases they want to reopen “then hand them off to law students at the University of California, Irvine, for examination.”

After the liberally brainwashed students kick it around, the “students will report back to FACCT members and make presentations based on their reviews.” They’ll have some help from “the Dornsife Trial Advocacy Program at the University of Southern California.” That makes everything okay.

As the DA’s office explains, “FACCT, either as a group or as individual members, will not opine whether charges should be filed,” but “will present findings and additional evidence that may be contrary to the prior decision to decline to prosecute.”

In other words, they will keep digging until they come up with something to prove the police officers guilty with, then turn it over to someone else for processing. “The District Attorney’s Office will make the final decision on whether additional investigation is necessary, the matter is assigned to a special prosecutor or criminal charges will be filed,” Gascón’s media team verified.

Police will simply stop shooting criminals. “Until there is a standard that mandates a shooting is lawful when it is absolutely necessary and the last resort, we are going to continue to have unnecessary shootings that cause public outcry and skepticism.”

The only way not to have “unnecessary shootings” is by preventing all shootings. They just defund the ammo budget. His office tacked the list of liberals who will be warming seats on the committee, broken down by category.

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