Liberal Couple Visit Iran to ‘Prove it’s not that Bad’…Then Get a Hard Dose of REALITY

Lives can indeed be in jeopardy if you ‘re only told one side of a coin. But what if you’re educated in a liberal bubble? What if, through education, he only thing you see is rainbows and unicorns? By and large, residents of some foreign nations might be just like your next door neighbor. They might be just like you and I. But there are governments and country- or nationwide rules that can change depending on mood and politics at the time.

That NWO needs liberals telling people certain things

So kids aren’t going to be scared of different people. What liberals leave out is your life may be dependent on the reality of the simple good and bad, wrong and right.

In a foreign country, the politics may be such that you need to avoid the area until a particular time if you want to visit.

Liberals don’t understand that sometimes force is necessary

Liberals think every problem can be solved with mutually respectful “dialogue”. Let’s have a conversation. Let’s talk about it. But what if the party you need to speak with won’t talk?

When liberals are faced with a tool of moral absolute, a firearm aimed at their head, they’re powerless. They shrink into the fetal position.

Everything is shades of gray

In the liberal world there is no black or white. When presented with the reality of death, a very definite bad, their brain cannot comprehend. They’ve only been told of one side of that coin.

You would hope that a person would live out of that encounter. It’s important for liberals who’ve been shown the ugliness of that reality be allowed to talk about it. If that NWO is to happen, reality is going to be deadly.

Edit: For those wondering about what happened with Ms. King and Mr. Firkin, they were released to family and loved ones after charges were dropped.

“I’m pleased to be able to advise that the Iranian government has released Australian couple Jolie King and Mark Firkin from custody and has dropped the charges against them,” Marise Payne, minister for foreign affairs, told reporters in Sydney, Australia this weekend.

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