Woman Kills Carjacker with Bandit’s Gun

A woman in Las Vegas taught some would-be armed robbers a lesson with their own gun. Be careful who you carjack. One bandit was left dead in the street. An accomplice is in custody while another remains on the loose.

Don’t lose your gun

The lesson of the day for socialists trying to share vehicular wealth in Las Vegas, Nevada, is don’t let your victim have your gun.

As reported by Daily Mail, one member of a “Vegas carjacking squad” was “shot dead with one of his gang’s OWN guns after the female victim picked it up and killed him when he attacked her.” All the more reason for potential victims to have their own handy, ahead of time.

Police have 18-year-old Jaylin Morrison in custody for his part in the homicide. While not clear from reports, his gun may have been the one which killed his partner in crime. “It’s believed he was involved in trying to steal the car of two women waiting to go to a party.

Whether he’s the one who crawled into the driver seat or the third armed assailant also isn’t clear. “Cops came to arrest Morrison after being tipped off that the dead carjacker had been hanging out with the 18-year-old prior to being killed.

On November 19, two women were sitting in their car. Suddenly, “another vehicle pulled up in an attempt to block their path.” Three men, each with a gun, jumped out. That was when things started to unravel.

One of the men dragged out the woman who was sitting in the driver’s seat, before getting into the car and attempting to flee.

Not so fast

As Cesare Borgia historically learned to his dismay, no matter how obsessive your planning, there is always something you never saw coming. Everything was going smooth for the Vegas carjackers until the car they tried to jack wouldn’t start.

The owner “told police that her vehicle often needs to be pushed before it gets going.” While dealing with the unexpected development, the thief made his big mistake. He set his gun down.

As described in the police report, “the suspect had also placed his gun on his lap while trying to take control of the car, but the woman said she took it from him.


At practically the same time, “she was tackled from behind by one of the men. She then turned towards her attacker and fired at least one bullet at him.” It was a fatal shot. She added that “she was being shot at while she was on the ground. She managed to get away, and hid in a yard in the surrounding area.

Morrison was formally charged as a suspect “after the teen’s cell phone GPS records stated that he had been at the crime scene at the time it had happened.” The teen had quite a gun collection in his apartment. Three of them, “with ammunition in a Glock .45 matching ammunition in a gun found at the scene of the crime.

Police may have the third suspect too. “Another man staying with Morrison at the time of his arrest was also taken into custody, the police report stated. That individual told law enforcement that he had been in the car with Morrison at the time of the carjacking.” That sounds like a confession.


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