Ex-CIA Director EXPOSES Blinken

Antony Blinken is in fresh trouble with congress on Friday, now that it’s been revealed he was the one who came up with the “spies who lied” letter idea. Jim Jordan is furious because Joe Biden used that letter in his election campaign.

Blinken disinformation idea

Jim Jordan is furious with Antony Blinken, after some highly revealing congressional testimony. It turns out that Blinky himself was the one who engineered the nefarious lying spies letter. That’s a big deal because everyone knows it was used to sway the election.

When it was first released, “then-candidate Joe Biden wrongly made the letter from 51 intelligence officials claiming Hunter’s laptop was Russian disinformation ‘seem organic‘ despite allegedly knowing his soon-to-be State Department chief helped ‘strategize’ it.

A total of 51 former spies signed the letter, including all the well known spooks from every agency in the alphabet. Intelligence officials like “Obama-era CIA Director John Brennan, Bush-era CIA Director Michael Hayden, former DNI James Clapper, former CIA chief of staff Jeremy Bash, former acting CIA Director Michael Morell and former National Intelligence Council Chair Thomas Finger.

The list reads like a who’s who of the spy community. None of them would have come out of the shadows until Blinken talked them into it. Suddenly, when Joe Biden’s election was in jeopardy, they all seemingly spontaneously came to the exact same conclusion that Hunter Biden’s laptop had “classic earmarks of a Russian information operation.

Blinken advised them to be real careful not to say the contents of the laptop itself were disinformation, because that would be a lie. Everything in the laptop was certified authentic. All they had to say was that it “looked like” something the Russians would do and the media would handle the rest.

The wheels fell off their little conspiracy when “Morell testified before Jordan’s committee and that of House Intelligence Committee Chairman Mike Turner, R-Ohio, that then-Biden campaign adviser Antony Blinken was ‘the impetus‘ behind the October 2020 letter’s inception.

Was Joe involved?

The moment the big story broke on October 14, 2020 “about the ‘Biden business operation‘ and whether then-Vice President Joe Biden was involved, there was some concern that he was.” By now, that concern has become pretty well verified to be warranted. That turns the lying spies letter into a “political operation.

Blinken was running the Penn Biden Center where Joe’s classified documents were stashed at the time. Now, he’s top diplomat in charge of the State Department. He came up with the idea for a letter which “became the basis for suppressing the story and keeping it from the American people just days before the most important election we have.

On October 14, New York Post broke the big story. On the 17th Antony Blinken got Mike Morell onboard. Morell spent a day kicking it around and making phone calls. By the 18th, the letter was ready for circulation to all the former spies, who promptly returned their signatures for the story to publish on the 19th.

The reason for the rush handling was to get it out in time for “the NBC presidential debate on October 22.” Blinky was convinced that Trump would bring up Hunter’s laptop on the air and he did. The “scariest thing of all” to Jim Jordan is the fact “that letter became the basis for keeping this information from the American people.

Blinken and the crew of lying spies wanted to craft a statement that “Joe Biden could use to rebut Trump’s likely allegations.” Morell testified that the reason why they did it is obvious. Because they wanted Biden to win. Also, they knew the laptop and it’s contents were totally real and authentic which would have got Trump elected in a landslide if anyone admitted it. As expected, the laptop did come up on the debate stage. Joe was well prepared, citing the letter. That’s when Trump “wondered aloud if the public was to believe the laptop was therefore another ‘Russia, Russia, Russia [hoax].’

Jordan is astounded. “It was a total political operation, and the most important fact is [the letter] was false. [The laptop] wasn’t Russian disinformation. The laptop story looks to be true. The way then-Vice President Biden did it was he made it seem like it was organic — and understand it was choreographed all the way.” Blinken will soon be back in front of Congress. The deadline for him to turn over a controversial cable came and went, so now it’s going to court.

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