Two Men Brutally Attack Security Guards When Asked to Wear Masks

Even in liberal California, people are getting fed up with the restrictions. It doesn’t help that Los Angeles is a hotbed for drugs and homelessness. This particular Target attracts this. It’s the fourth violent incident there since mask rules started. Masks are required. It’s been two months since the coronavirus came to our shores. We were initially supposed to “slow the spread, we don’t want to overwhelm hospitals”. Well, we’ve accomplished that, haven’t we?

Hospitals in Illinois and Missouri are having to do triage based on just one illness. As a result medical professionals are furloughed. Executives have had pay and hours cut. Projects and equipment purchases are put on hold to make sure there’s enough resources to go toward COVID-19. Where’s the fire?

Numbers across the land by and large are showing cases and deaths dropping. Even with the media desperately trying to keep the paranoia going, telling people we need to wait for a vaccine. There’s a flu vaccine out there, right? How many people take it? How many people get sick after taking it? How many don’t take that vaccine and never get the flu?

Americans will understand the need to shelter in place for a little while if an unknown illness crosses our borders. We’ll take necessary precautions temporarily. But once we have medical professionals seeing actual patients and putting data together, it’s time to go by that data.

Employees just enforcing the masks rule can get in the crossfire

The decades of lawsuits have already started. Insurance and management are insisting on masks and other protective measures. Security is just a messenger but it’s convenient. If an establishment is smart, there are already lawyers on the payroll. The question is will insurance cover issues regarding COVID-19 or wiggle out of it?

Businesses can refuse service to anyone not obeying the rules. Until those rules are lifted, they’re going to start becoming a point of contention. Some are able to shop where they want. Others avoid establishments they aren’t comfortable in.

“All you people just have to do is listen to the law, listen to the governor. Just stay home,” Bernadette Munerlyn said, mourning her son’s death. “If you don’t have to come out, then you wouldn’t need a mask unless you’re out getting groceries or necessities.” Bernadette is the mother of 43-year-old Calvin Munerlyn, a father of eight shot and killed at a Flint, Michigan Family Dollar store on Friday while enforcing a mask rule.

There’s one problem with that though, Bernadette. Some have stayed home dutifully, only leaving to pick up necessities. At some point, we have to leave home for more than that.

If the mask orders start to not make sense, people will start rebelling

The Centers for Disease Control encouraged wearing them when social distancing was difficult. But people nationwide have been doing their best.

There are secondary problems that happen when healthy people are quarantined. Depression, suicide, alcoholism and abuse have skyrocketed. People are seeing the need to break what’s looking like unjust rules. Death from COVID-19 looks good in comparison to what they’re going through now.

Even those at risk are venturing out, willing to take the chance of death by virus over the slower death of homelessness and starvation.

  1. Here is something to prove the COVID fear mongering numbers are not true. From Google’s search field, type a three (3) digit number, then type the words new cases (e.g. 456 new cases).

    What started out as a pandemic, is now turned into a political weapon used against American citizens. The way some state governors, mayors and judges are trying to control their populations in the U.S. are similar to what we saw here in Europe with the Nazis. Wake up Americans…you could end up just like how we did so many years ago, and seems like it’s coming back again.

  2. Uhhhh, hey Patti Walbridge!

    I’m a little confused here. The headline read “Two Men Brutally Attack Security Guards When Asked to Wear Masks” yet there’s no mention of the attack, no information about the WHO, WHAT, WHEN, WHERE, HOW OR WHY that’s kind of important in writing a journalistic article. If the article is just about wearing masks, say so. Don’t lie about it. Don’t use false sensationalism to get readers.

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